Vega Bar Mania!

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Hello FourC’ers!


We had the fabulous opportunity through Sweat Pink and Fit Approach to participate in a review of 8 of Vega’s most popular Vega Bars!


We received the following bars:

Vega Bars


Vega Snack Bars
- Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts & Sea Salt
- Cranberry Almond

Vega Sport Protein Bars
- Chocolate Mint
- Chocolate Coconut

Vega Sport Energy Bars
- Chocolate Coconut Almond
- Apple Cherry

Vega One Meal Bars
- Chocolate Peanut Butter
- Chocolate Cherry Almond

All of the Vega Bars are Gluten Free, Plant-Based and Non GMO.

Because we love snacks lets start with the Vega Snack Bars.

Cran Almond

Cranberry Almond
This was the first bar we tasted. It was that time in between breakfast and lunch and we were really trying to push our lunch later in the day because we had a late workout that day.

We loved the taste and texture of this bar. It was substantial in size (not skimpy at all) and had all the crunchy, gooey, chewy-ness that totally satisfied in order to hold us over!

Dark Choc

Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts & Sea Salt
Don’t get us started on this. We are very partial to anything that contains all of these ingredients! So needless to say, we loved it! Just like the Cranberry Almond, the bar was substantial in size and extremely tasty.

Vega Sport Energy Bars
We are always looking for an easy pre-workout “meal” so we had high hopes for the next two bars.


Apple Cherry
Texture was sticky and the bar was thinner and flimsier than the snack bars. The Apple Cherry felt healthy while eating it and had an earthy taste. The cherry added decent sweetness.

Chocolate Coconut Almond
Texture and size was similar to the Apple Cherry. The bar was chocolaty, not overly sweet and had a surprising crunch!

Overall, we would choose the Chocolate Coconut Almond out of the two!

Vega Sport Protein Bars
Post-workout is even more important to us than the pre-workout meal! And just like the pre-workout, we are always looking for something quick because a lot of the time we don’t make it home immediately after a workout, are very cost conscious and in the big NYC, getting food to-go can be expensive AND we don’t always know what we’re REALLY putting in our mouths!


Chocolate Mint
The texture of this bar reminded us of marshmallow; spongy I guess is a better way to put it! It was chocolate covered with a cake-like middle. We are not very big on chocolate mint, but if that’s your kind of thing you will probably love this. It was a very good hold-over until we were able to make it home for dinner!

Chocolate Coconut

Chocolate Coconut
This had the same texture as the Chocolate Mint and because we are HUGE into Chocolate Coconut, this was the bar for us. LOVED every bite and wished there was more of it!

There is a good amount of protein in both of these bars – 15 grams to be exact!

Vega One Meal Bars
We are not very big on having a meal bar as an actual meal. Typically because it does not leave us satisfied and we often crave eating “real” food on top of it which means extra calories.


Chocolate Peanut Butter
Big fans of anything chocolate and peanut butter, this bar was very satisfying. It had a chocolate outside with half a cake-like middle and half crunch. With 270 calories and 13 proteins, it has the substance to hold you like a meal, we would probably opt for having this as lunch if we were in a rush.

Meal 2

Chocolate Cherry Almond
This bar had the same texture and center set as the Chocolate Peanut Butter, including the crunchiness, except it had a fruity sweetness added from the cherry instead of the richness from peanut butter. Again with 260 calories and 12 proteins, its a great alternative to a meal!

Out of the two, we definitely choose the Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Personally, for us, some of the bars were just a smidge high in carbohydrates and sugar. On the plus side, all the major ingredients are organic and this made us very happy and felt good about what we were eating!

Overall these Vega Bars are tasty, satisfying, sustaining, easy and fun! No doubt we would grab one of these if we were on the go!

Check out the Vega Bar Website for more info!

Thanks again to Sweat Pink and Fit Approach for the opportunity!

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