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Trish’s Famous Ice Cream/FroYo Cake

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2 Package Oreos (1 Dbl Stuff, 1 Reg) or Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Joe Joe’s
Hershey Syrup (Milk or Dark)
2 Half Gallons of Ice Cream/FroYo of your Choice
10″ Spring Form Pan

- Crush cookies in a gallon sized sealed zip lock bag, a few at a time, until cookies are fine, enough to create crust. Place cookies in bottom of spring form pan and mash into pan to create a firm crust, crush as many cookies as needed to create a firm base layer. Add Hershey’s syrup to your liking to help crust to stick and add texture.
- Freeze for 15 minutes, while first half gallon is melting.
- Now that your first half gallon has melted, you can spread on top of frozen cookie crust base layer.
- Freeze cake for 30 minutes, while crushing more cookies for middle layer.
- Remove cake from freezer and add cookies to create a middle crust, add Hershey’s syrup over cookies to help solidify crust.
- Freeze for 15 minutes, while second half gallon is melting.
- Remove from freezer and top with remaining melted half gallon. Smooth top layer of cake and freeze over night before writing on cake/serving.

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