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Learn All About VEMMA!

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1-Vemma Logo

What is Vemma?

An international nutritional company founded in 2004 based in Tempe, AZ. Provides 4 main nutritional product lines, all which have been clinically studied and tested and are manufactured in the company’s FDA regulated manufacturing facility in AZ.

2-Vemma Formula



Vemma is a physician formulated daily liquid supplement that nourishes the body’s 63 trillion cells with the optimal supply of phytonutrient-rich mangosteen, 12 full-spectrum vitamins, over 65 plant-sourced minerals, organic decaf finagled green tea and organic glyconutrient-rich aloe.

Below is the Question and Answer portion of the show with Rebecca for you to learn more about VEMMA!

You mentioned mangosteen in the VEMMA acronym, what is mangosteen?

Mangosteen is a rare super-fruit from Southeast Asia and is scientifically known as gracing a mangostana. It’s known as the queen of fruits for its powerful health benefits. Mangosteen contains high levels of Xanthones which is a active phytonutrient with very powerful antioxidant properties that stabilize free-radical cells.

All natural ingredients: no artificial sweeteners, colors or favors. No gluten, no preservatives, no BPA packaging, no soy, non-dairy and no high fructose-corn syrup.

There are a lot of pills, juices, and formulas out there! What sets Vemma apart from the rest?

There isn’t a nutritional product line similar to what Vemma is offering. Companies aren’t required to conduct clinical studies or tests in their products and that what really sets Vemma apart. The Vemma clinical trials were conducted by one of the industry’s most widely recognized experts in clinical studies. Brunswick laboratories based in Massachusetts.

The intention of the studies was the evaluate the efficacy and overall bioavailability of Vemma on immune function and well-being in adults.


A 2 oz. shot of Vemma is about $75 worth of produce!

What did those studies find?

The studies confirmed Vemma showed significant improvements in immune markers, superior antioxidant absorption and a lowering of C-reactive protein. Full studies and results can be found on

With this Vemma formula, the company came up with a series of products that also contain their unique formula.

So we started with the Vemma Formula, what are the other Vemma products?

There is Renew, Verve, bod.e and Next.

Can you tell us more about Vemma Renew?:

4-Vemma Renew

Vemma renew is a Non-carbonated caffeine free fruit flavored nutritional beverage that contains the Vemma formula as well as 20mg of plant-sourced silica which is known to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Renew supports:

Collagen production

Health skin, hair, nails

Anti-aging and immune boosting properties

Detailed information and nutritional facts for Renew can be found on Vemma’s website.

We have tried and love the Verve line since we are always on the go and looking for healthy forms of energy, can you tell us more about Verve?

5-Verve Line


We are very excited about Verve! because energy drinks have become very popular and are expected to generate over $21 billion in annual revenue by 2017.

The issue with today’s popular energy drinks is that they contain harmful ingredients such as aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, high levels of artificial ingredients, preservatives and other harmful chemicals. They aren’t healthy, plain and simple.

Verve is insanely healthy energy. A lightly carbonated energy drink that consists of ultra-purified reverse osmosis water, the Vemma formula, organic green tea, natural caffeine, taurine (amino acid) D-ribose, inositol (AB vitamin) and choline chloride (phospholipid).

What are the Verve options for customers?

There are 7 different Verve products.

We have a Zero-Sugar Formula: 80 mg caffeine using natural sweeteners like stevia.

Standard Verve Energy Drink: 80 mg caffeine

Verve Bold: 120 mg caffeine

ParTea: Organic non-carbonated iced tea with only 40mg caffeine

6-Verve Mojoe

Verve Mojoe:

Premium blend of iced coffee with 80 mg natural caffeine, non-dairy coconut cream, contains the Vemma formula, low sugar, low carb healthy alternative to everyday coffee.

Verve Remix:-

7-Verve Remix

Verve Energy Shot: 2 oz formula with 160mg natural caffeine. Detailed information and nutritional facts for verve can be found on Vemma’s website.

We are excited for you to tell us about bod.e and how it can help those specifically with weight loss goals!

Bod.e is Vemma’s weight management line that was designed and approved by TV celebrity transformation specialists Chris & Heidi Powell. They are best known for their appearances on ABC’s television series, Extreme Weight Loss. They incorporate the Vemma bod.e line with all their clients.

I personally endorse and recommend this line for my fitness clients, whether they wish to lose or maintain their weight. It’s a great tasting and effective weight management line that my clients absolutely love.

When people purchase the bod.e line products they get a personalized weight management program designed by Chris and Heidi Powell. It includes the free award-winning Vemma bod.e app that allows Chris and Heidi to act as your own personal trainers and nutritionists, coaching you every day through your smart-phone.

We love to incorporate shakes into our hectic weeks, what are the bod.e shakes

9-bod.e shake

Vemma formulated nutrient-dense meal replacement shake. Comes in vanilla or chocolate. 16 grams protein, 7 grams fiber, 24 grams carbohydrates, and 690 milligrams omega-3 fatty acids.

What are the benefits of bod.e burn? 


10-bod.e burn

A first of its kind ingredient combination that keeps your body in high gear by enhancing it’s burn potential, curbing your appetite, increasing your energy and delivering the nutritional support you need. Comes in a lightly carbonated beverage or a 3oz concentrate that you can mix with water. It also comes with a zero-caffeine formula.

What sets bod.e cleanse apart from other cleanses? 

11-bod.e cleanse

Gentle and effective cleanse that detoxifies and removes impurities in your body and helps support liver and digestive function. The 2 oz concentrate is mixed with 12 fl oz of water.

Our interest was piqued when you told us about bod.e rest – can you explain more about this innovative product? 


12-bod.e rest

Same effects of bod.e burn minus the caffeine as well as other signature ingredients that have restorative processes that help you continue to burn and maintain healthy functions even while sleeping. 

How can athletes use bod.e thirst to recharge from activity?

13-bod.e thirst

A 3 oz electrolyte and amino acid concentrate that is mixed with water to provide a healthy, hydrating beverage to support your body before, during and after exercise.

Vemma NEXT.

We’ve heard that Vemma does not just target adults, how can parents benefit from giving Vemma NEXT to their children and what exactly is Vemma NEXT?: 

14-Vemma Next

Physician-formulated liquid nutritional supplement for children ages 2-12. This daily supplement contains 1oz of the Vemma formula along with 1oz of an enhanced nutrient blend of vegetarian sourced DHA, 14 fruit and vegetable extracts, antioxidant quercetin and B-complex vitamin choline. It’s a tasty creamy orange flavor that kids love.

Are there any perks as a Vemma customer?

Yes! When you sign up as a Vemma customer you receive a free online office with all your account information. You can place orders, track orders, receive updates on new products amongst other things. Vemma also offers a great customer loyalty program which gives customers a free personalized Vemma website where they can refer people who are interested in purchasing the products. As a customer you accumulate points with every person who purchases via your website and you will receive free product as the company’s way of thanking you for your recommendations and referrals. Customers are also given the opportunity to become brand partners with Vemma which we will discuss next.

How do you fit Vemma into your active lifestyle?

I use the bod.e shakes in the mornings and when I’m on the go. Sometimes I don’t feel like eating in the morning and that’s the most important meal of the day. I also don’t want to eat out, as many options aren’t healthy, so I pack up a shake for lunch or a mid-day snack when I’m really busy.

I also use the bod.e burn quite often, especially after an intense workout, the 20g protein and amino acid complex helps my body recover from intense training.

I use the energy drinks when I need a pickup, my favorite it the Verve Bold and the new Verve Remix, they have different energy levels so it all depends on what best fits your body and lifestyle.

I always have a bottle of the Vemma formula around incase I didn’t get a shake so that I always get my daily dose of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants.

I’m not a huge coffee drinker but occasionally an iced coffee just sounds so amazing! Instead of spending a lot of money at coffee shop and drinking something that contains a lot of calories and sugars, the Verve Mojoe is the healthy and great tasting alternative. As I mentioned it’s also non-dairy and is low calorie and low sugar.

Can you tell us about how others can get involved with business opportunity’s with Vemma?

What is also unique about Vemma was their choice to become an affiliate based marketing company. This simply means that instead of spending millions of dollars on traditional advertising strategies they pay brand partners like myself to promote their products and business opportunity via word-of-mouth advertising.

This creates a more personalized experience with our customers, we do not use traditional sales tactics, we really like to build personal relationships with our customers and our fellow brand partners.

As brand partners we work on teams and help each other build the Vemma brand. It’s a great way to meet tons of people around the world. It’s also a great networking tool for people interested in promoting themselves or their business. I work with many professional trainers, athletes, nutritionists, doctors, health coaches, life coaches, estheticians so on and so forth, but

I also have many college students, mothers, fathers, family members, friends and coworkers that have also decided to become Vemma brand partners as a way to get free products and build both immediate and long-term residual income.

Affiliate marketing is the next shift in company and product promotion and it’s the second largest industry generating over 168 billion dollars annually. Vemma has a unique and generous compensation plan and provides many opportunities for brand partners to personally develop themselves and their businesses. We work on teams and we feel a sense of belonging with the company. We act as a family and that is a very unique aspect of working with Vemma.

As the lead brand partner for this area I’m working hard to build a team of motivated individuals to help promote this company. Vemma is expected to do over $1 billion in sales worldwide within the next 24-36 months and now is a perfect time to great involved. NYC is untouched territory

for the company and it’s my responsibility as a brand partner and team leader to connect with as many people as I can. I will be hosting weekly meeting throughout the city for people who may be interested in learning more about the business or products. I encourage anyone who might be interested in this opportunity to email me!

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