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Tips to Create a Solid Foundation

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You may be saying, great guys – I get it – but how do I get a strong foundation? First
and foremost, we do truly recommend working out with a trainer if you can. We know,
trainers can be expensive. But if you are going to make your health a priority and make a serious change, it’s a smart investment to make. Michelle hopes to begin training clients in June and she aims to keep her rates fair for all budgets.

If you are joining a new gym, many offer 1-2 free personal training sessions with your new membership. We recommend that you take this free session and if you feel as though you can’t afford additional sessions, make the most of that first and second (if offered) session and let the trainer know that you really want to start with a solid foundation and you can’t afford additional sessions at this time.

If personal training is completely out for you – try to do your research to truly find at home or group fitness classes that focus on movement, balance, stability, stretch and functional movement. You can make your own routine if need be – just keep in mind the importance of starting off with the basics and sticking with it for a 1-2 months before you move on to the next level.

Speaking of sticking with it – Jenel recommended that we stick to one program for at least 6 weeks – even if we don’t see immediate or quick results, she encouraged us to stick to it. If you are starting a program to build a foundation, realize it will take time for your body to adapt to the movements and gain strength to move things forward.

New and Revised Foundation Training Exercises Add Even Greater Health Benefits

Many of us who sit all day often develop Upper Crossed Syndrome.  Find out more about UCS and Lower Crossed Syndrome and why its important to correct these issues to build a strong foundation!

Upper Crossed Syndrome

Lower Crossed Syndrome 

What will it take from you to build a strong foundation? Max Sports and Fitness gives us 5 Elements Required to Build Fitness Foundation

TRX is a known core workout which can help build a strong foundation! Check out more on it here: Core Fitness with TRX

Interested in taking up Yoga? Check out this article which can help you prepare! Prep for Yoga with Core-Strengthening Moves


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