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Tips for Celebrating in a Healthy Way!

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Celebration Episode
Who doesn’t love celebrating? We know you do!

Who doesn’t love blowing your entire diet celebrating? We know you do too!

So here are some tips this week on how to celebrate without throwing all caution to the wind!

We recommend eating before you go. Do not arrive starving. We’ve done this before and it truly works. We know, you want to enjoy whats going to be at the party but arriving hungry can cause some people to go buck wild and then what!?

When you arrive start off with a seltzer or glass of water with lemon. Wait at least 30 minutes before you eat so you can get more comfortable with the party. Make sure you look over the food choices before diving in!

Wear snug clothes. Show off that great figure of yours! And this also may deter you from overeating due to that lack of elastic waist band!!

Chew gum. This is a favorite of Michelle’s. Once you pop a fresh stick of gum in your mouth you’re going to think twice before eating anything right away, especially if you’re conversing and mingling with guests!

Be selective. Listen, you don’t need to put chicken parmigiana on your plate if this is something you can get ANY DAY. Make your choices wisely. Choose things that are not always available to you or choose things that you know are healthy but a tasty treat!

In the same respect, it could be a good idea to take just two items at a time from a buffet. Go back as many times as you like but only choose 2 each time.

Do not skip meals!! This helps nothing!! Just make sure you have a good day eating and enjoy yourself at your event/party/celebration.

And lets not forget the reason you’re at this party in the first place. Spend time with the people that are there. Focus on the quality time you have together, the reason you’re getting together and try to keep your focus off the enormous buffet of food that might be in the next room. :D

You can read more from experts on this topic by taking a look at this awesome website where were got a few of these suggestions!

Food Choices


Listen, this is not Lisa’s first choice but sometimes you may want to skip the appetizers all together. But if you’re lucky you might just encounter some of these great choices at your next event and not feel so bad about indulging!

Fitness Magazine – 10 Healthiest Party Foods
1. Bruschetta
2. Smoked Salmon on Toasts
3. Salsa
4. Guacamole
5. Shrimp Cocktail
6. Veggies and dip
7. Chicken kabobs
8. Sushi
9. Fruit and cheese
10. Mixed nuts

Let’s be honest, we all know the right choice to make. Have that will power to choose wisely. Allow yourself to indulge in moderation and make it count!
Beverage Choices

Alcoholic beverages are packed with calories no matter how healthy you try to make them. Alternate each one with a non-alcoholic beverage.
Beer actually has some benefits! Moderate consumption shown to protect against heart disease and lower risk of hypertension.

Beer has antioxidants created from phenols of which ales have the highest concentration!

Here are 10 Healthier Beers from Greatist!

1. Yuengling Light Lager
2. New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale *gluten free*
3. Abita Purple Haze – berries
4. Left Hand Good Juju – ginger
5. Guinness Draught
6. Sam Adam’s Light Lager
7. New Belgium Blue Paddle
8. Full Sail Session Lager
9. Butte Creek Organic India Pale Ale *organic*
10. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

If wine is your thing each one has a different caloric value. This is a really cool chart which you can use as a reference to find out which wine has the best bang for your calorie buck!

 Wine Calorie Chart courtesy of Wine Folly!

There are plenty of other other Ways to celebrate that do not involve food!
We suggest treating yourself to a massage or maybe there’s a fitness adventure you’ve always wanted to do like zip lining or maybe a hike!

Check out this list of other amazing things you could do to celebrate a weight loss goal!

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