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How to Have A Healthy Thanksgiving

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So let me sum up our past Thanksgivings in one word: derailment.

That’s right folks. Every single holiday season, Michelle and I try our very best to keep it clean and simple and the plates small, but we certainly have not succeeded in that, until this year.

We are determined to maintain this holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving!

Whole Foods Catering

This year we are catering Thanksgiving from Whole Foods. Not because everything that comes out of Whole Foods is healthy, but because we don’t have much time to cook an entire dinner and well Whole Foods has good food. Not to mention, we are keeping it gluten free. The family is on board!

And that’s really important.  Its important for your family to at least try and be supportive. We’ll be having regular stuffing for everyone else, but we’ll be making a gluten free stuffing for ourselves.  That also includes the gravy!

If you do decide to just throw caution to the wind, don’t beat yourself up about it. Enjoy yourself and promise yourself you’ll get back on track as soon as things calm down!

Lets start with the Ultimate Illustrated Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving from Greatist! Click that link to view the cutest illustrated guide to Thanksgiving I’ve ever seen! I’d post it here, but it doesn’t allow me to. So go to that link and come right back!

Tip Number 1. Eat Breakfast

We know, you’re going to eat a ton of food all day long. But its really important to get your metabolism going like ANY other day. Not to mention, if you keep yourself totally starved for the majority of the day you’re going to go HAYWIRE once the food begins rolling out! And then you’ll be rolling yourself out!

So, to just get yourself going, keep it simple, because of course you’ll probably be rushing around either cooking or getting ready go hit someone else’s house, sitting in traffic!

Breakfast: Pumpkin Coffee Nut Shakeology Anyone?

Thanksgiving Shakeology

½ tsp Coconut Extract
½ cup unsweetened canned pumpkin
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 cup cold coffee
1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology

Tip Number 2. Lighten up!

Find yourself some healthy recipes!! Whether you’re hosting or contributing to a Thanksgiving dinner, bring something you know you’re not going to feel guilty about! Check out these websites with healthy Thanksgiving recipes!


Food Network Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

32 Thanksgiving Recipes for a Healthier Holiday from Greatist

50 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Tip Number 3. Police Your Portions

One of the tips to survive is to definitely watch your portion sizes!
Greatist put out this awesome guide to give you an idea on how you should judge how you pile your plate!

Thanksgiving Portion Guide from Greatist

Tip Number 4. Slowly Savor 

Okay, I know. Everyone always says “eat slowly” but its the truth! Enjoy what you’re having, slow down and you will be able to realize if you are really full or maybe you do have room for more! But honestly, I am going to try and only have one serving of everything this Thanksgiving! (Because there’s always leftovers and those are my favorite!!)

Tip Number 5. Go Easy on Alcohol

The easiest way to pack on the pounds this holiday season is to drink your way through it. Alcoholic beverages throw everything off.  If you truly want to make smart choices when it comes to holiday drinking, check out these: Healthy Holiday Cocktails

Tip Number 6. Be Realistic – Strive for Maintenance, Not Loss

Like we said earlier, we’re just trying to maintain this season, not lose. The holidays are a time to enjoy everything around you!

Tip Number 7. Focus on Family and Friends

Holidays and celebrating usually means everyone joins around a table to break bread together.  But try not to make that your main focus this year.  Change your focus to your family and friends and enjoying their company.  Hopefully you have a group of people you enjoy spending the holidays with to make this easy!

Tip Number 8. Fit it all on one plate

And that doesn’t mean to grab the largest plate in the china cabinet! You can do this. Everything on one plate. No overflow onto that side plate you use for bread or salad or whatever your tradition is for the small side plate. One dinner plate. The end.

Tip Number 9. Make Some Substitutions

Eat white meat only, shave 190 cals
Make your own cranberries, save 120 cals
Cut the marshmallow on the sweet potatoes, cut 100 calories
Skip the green bean casserole, cut 110 cals
Pumpkin over Pecan, cut 160 calls
Grand Total Savings: 650 Calories

Tip Number 10. Get Active

This is one of the smartest things you can do this Thanksgiving! Get active with your family and friends! Hopefully we’ll have nice weather and you can get outside between dinner and dessert, or even in the morning before you head to your festivities!

We have heard lots of friends and family are heading out to run/walk 5k Turkey Trots in our area! Check out these races in your area too!

Race 360 Turkey Trots

Running in the USA Turkey Trots in New York

And for those of you who are gluten free, vegan or vegetarians and those with nut allergies, here is your guide on How To Enjoy Thanksgiving on Any Diet from Greatist!

Need more advice on how to keep your Thanksgiving plate between 600 & 800 calories? Check out this great article from Self Magazing by Sara Angle: Build a Low Cal Holiday Feast


*Some of the above information and guidance was provided by WebMD and ACE Fitness

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