Thanksgiving Leftovers!

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We decided to get a little creative this week with the recipe of the week.  Sure, its Thanksgiving and you could probably use a whole slue of new healthy turkey day recipes right?  Well those you can find in the Tips of the Week! We’ve got plenty of resources for that listed there. So check that out.

Instead we wanted to bring you a Thanksgiving leftovers recipe!

The leftovers are the best! Nothing formal, you can just eat the food as-is OR you can create a whole new meal from them!

Back when we were eating bread I would always love to heat up all my turkey day leftovers and put them on bread. And I mean, I’d put everything on there: Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, cranberry or apple sauce on the dinner roll that was served (if there were any leftover of course!)

So here is a tribute to that: Thanksgiving Monte Cristo Sandwich from! Follow the link to find the recipe for the glorious photo above!

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