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Jump, Tuck & Squat Tabata

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Good ol’Alex and his Jumping Knee Tuck Bulgarian Split Squat is ALL there is to our Tabata this week!

20 seconds Jumping knee tuck Bulgarian Split Squat, 10 second break.
20 seconds Jumping knee tuck Bulgarian Split Squat, 10 second break.
20 seconds Jumping knee tuck Bulgarian Split Squat, 10 second break.
20 seconds Jumping knee tuck Bulgarian Split Squat, 10 second break.
Repeat for a total of 4 minutes

Episode 36: Team MissFits & PEPPER

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Team MissFits

We learned a lot from Alex and Sarah from Team MissFits and we hope to participate in a training program with them soon! If you’re interested in a training opportunity that is fully customized and non-stop support you might want to check them out! For more info, watch the episode and follow along the Q&A here! And see their contact info below!

Have you both been with MissFits since inception?

What was the motivation behind starting Team MissFits?

Tell us about the very first meeting of Team MissFits.

How many competitors have you grown to today?

What is a program like with Team MissFits?

What would you say is the level of commitment one needs to see results?

Do you train strictly for competition or would someone who wants to see extreme results fit in?

What kind of personalized training does a client receive?

How accessible is it – what if someone is not in the NYC area but wants to train with you?

Tell us about the success of your MissFit competitors!

Have you seen anyone go from over weight to competing on your team?

Competing must be really motivational for your clients, do you find that even those who didn’t intend to compete in the first place end up going for it once they get started?

Is the diet and exercise plan for competition prep safe, or is this something you recommend as a temporary routine?

How did PEPPER get started?

What is the typical method/structure of training for a PEPPER client?

How do you balance PEPPER and the Team?

What does your own training look like?

What advice would you have for someone who lives a really hectic lifestyle and finds they have a hard time fitting in exercise?

M – What’s next for Team MissFits and PEPPER?

For more info or to sign up go to TeamMissFits.com or PersonalPEPPER.com or email Alex at TeamMissFitsNYC@gmail.com or alexander@personalpepper.com!

Who is Team Missfits & PEPPER?

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Team MissFits is New York’s fastest growing and winning Bikini / Figure and Physique team. Created by four of the top private trainers in Manhattan, Team MissFits offers a unique and professional approach to Competition Training. Each creator has reached a high level of success in the Fitness field and offers invaluable personal experience.

MissFits offers:
*Bi-Weekly training by Sarah Koste and Lauren “Ultra” Dean
*Precise and individualized scientific nutritional programs by Nick Shaw
*Cohesion / management and marketing by Alexander E.K.
Team MissFits caters to all levels. We groom beginners to reach personal goals and take high level competitors to championship highs.
Team unity and a positive atmosphere is highly prized by Team MissFits. We support and mentor each competitor regardless of their goals.
MissFits compete as a tight fitness family of current and future champions.

Team MissFit Programs – Team MissFits is committed to our competitor’s success. We offer two stages of coaching to insure year round progress. On season (Competition prep.) and off season (Post-season development).

In Season:
*Bi-Weekly Training in the A.M. at Strive Gym (330 east 59th Btw. 1st and 2nd avenues)
Team Training
*Complete Weekly Training Routine
All Weight training and cardio
*Complete Nutritional Guidance
All stages leading to contest
*Weekly Check-Ins
Via Email / Text or Phone Call
*Posing Practice / Mock Competition
Contest Prep. to familiarize the competitor
*Bi-Monthly Team Meetings
Meetings to discuss successes and concerns
Team MissFits will also collaborate Seminars and Discounted contest prep. for Tanning / Make-up / Hair and Posing Suits (Bikini’s etc.) for it’s competitors.

P.E.P.P.E.R. offers everyone from all walks of life a high end personalized routine that will “FORCE” change.

P.E.P.P.E.R. Programs
Each of P.E.P.P.E.R.’s programs are conducted by that specific industry’s Top Professional. We offer several services, but each service is impeccably run.
Private Training
Group Training
Marathon Training
Dietary Programs
Virtual Training

P.E.P.P.E.R. is always happy to offer a complementary session to our new clients. We’ll evaluate and discuss the correct path you’ll need to take to accomplish your goals, and you’ll even have time for a workout.

Meet the Team
Alexander (Founder / Private Trainer)
Sarah (Personal Trainer)
Kelly (Running Coach)
Daphne (Nutrition Counselor / Yoga Coach)

Alexander Kaufman – P.E.P.P.E.R.’s creator Alexander holds himself to the highest of standards. He brings a confidence and knowledge about the principles of physical conditioning that one can only learn through years of actual practice. As a teenager, Alexander had the privilege of being mentored by three time Olympian Radomir Kovacevic for his strength and conditioning training. Due to his hard work and dedication, Alexander was also scouted to play baseball at the professional level.

15 years later and Alexander is still infatuated with everything involving athletics.
Seeking innovative techniques, Alexander spent several years Privately Training internationally in some of the greatest cities in the world (Berlin, Paris, London…)
It is through these and his past experiences that Alexander developed his non-conventional perspective and method to his teachings.
Currently working out of Manhattan as one of it’s premier and top producing trainers; Alexander’s clients range from professional athletes, top wall street financiers, and New York’s every day fitness enthusiasts.

P.E.P.P.E.R. wants to make it very clear that we welcome anyone interested in making real change, whatever the level.

Sarah Koste – had been a certified personal trainer since 2008. She prides herself on being able to assist any client to achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Sarah is a fitness competitor for the WBFF and NPC in both bikini and fitness model categories. Specific training includes muscle development, fat loss, nutritional guidelines, which all turn into building a better body and self confidence.

Sarah believes that you can create a healthy hardworking lifestyle for yourself, and everything else will fall into place.

Alex’s Turkey Chili

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recipe rundown

There’s nothing like just throwing the kitchen sink in a pot with some turkey meat, right?

One of Alex’s favorite things to make is his Turkey Chili with Brown Rice.

For a little more guidance on this recipe, we’ve linked you to a simple recipe for you to follow.  Alex prefers to just wing it, which you can do too!

Simple Turkey Chili Recipe

A Classical Take on The HitList

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Seriously. The headline says it all.  Alex’s coach used to say that classical music puts the body in sync so when he works out, past and present, classical music is his choice!

Check out this classical workout music playlist on YouTube!

Exercise Excitement with Team MissFits & PEPPER

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We have continued our sessions with Jenel of Prowess PT and Kettlebell Kickboxing classes! We continue to lose inches all around but most importantly we are gaining strength! We are looking to make a shift now that July is here and our fitness schedule has opened up a bit, will be adding in sessions with Kenny of Pena’s Fitness Method!


Our guest, Alex, gave us this great article 10 Weird Gym Tools, Explained by PEPPER Trainer Bryan Jackson.  This is awesome because how many times have you gone to the gym and said, “What do I do with this item anyway?” “How do I use that to work out?” Well this article explains them all!

Alex’s workout of choice is the Jumping Knee Tuck Bulgarian Split Squat. Say that five times fast and its a workout for your mouth.  But seriously, Alex showed us how to do these on the show AND we even tried them afterwards! Pretty intense!

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