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Kenny in the News

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This week’s article on The Rack is from online publication Well + Good and features Kenny himself!

This is actually where we discovered Kenny and reached out to have him on our show.  He is by far one of the most dynamic, motivating and inspiring trainers we have me and worked out with.

Check out the article here!

Kenny’s Exercise Excitement

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This week, we continue to attend our training sessions with Jenel where we did some measurements and received our body fat percentage results! So far we’ve lost 2% body fat AND lost inches all around!!

Kenny’s workout of choice is pullups.  We are not quite there on the pullups but we know working out with Kenny that we’ll be there sooner than later!


How Kenny Does Pizza in The Rockaways

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Last Dragon Pizza

Kenny referred us to his awesome cheat which comes straight from his town, Last Dragon Pizza in The Rockaways! Named for the 1985 Film “The Last Dragon” and the pizzas are named after the characters and quotes, such as the Laura Charles, Sho’nuff, Daddy Green & Ninza Puleez!

The coolest part of Last Dragon Pizza is just like in the movie, you have to go hunt down your pizza.  They serve on Wednesday & Fridays!

Check out their website to learn more and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get updates!


Kenny Pena & Fitness for Survival

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Pena’s Fitness Method Studio has been open since December of 2006. I have been teaching and training since 1989. My style is a combination of my life experience as a swimmer, kickboxer, tri athlete and weightlifter. I have taught and created group classes over the last 16yrs from swim, spin, bootcamps, Suspension, kickboxing and now INSANITY.

His specialty is helping is clients drop 20lbs-40lbs quickly!

With over a 1000 one-on-one training clients trained I have had the opportunity to train and improve the lives of:
•Children and young Adults with Special Needs
•Wedding preparation

Kenny, along with his amazing workout and training spirit, inspired us with his view on fitness that has changed the way we workout.

Living and working in The Rockaways, Kenny saw and heard a lot of stories during and after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. A lot that was not televised on the news and these experiences, surviving the hurricane, are what brought us to the importance of Fitness for Survival.

You can check out Kenny’s view on Fitness for Survival plus the entire Q&A below on the YouTube version of this episode!

Q&A – Michelle & Lisa

M – Why did you want to become a trainer?

L – Where did you get your background in fitness?

M – How did you find yourself at St. Barts?

L – Is your client base mixed or predominantly male or predominantly female/young or old?

M – Tell us more about the philosophies of Pena’s Fitness Method and your training structure.

L – Where do you see Pena’s Fitness Method going in the next 5 years?

M – What is one of your proudest moments as a trainer?

L – We’ve seen one of your success stories first hand when we went to visit you at St. Barts, what do you think is the key to that success?

M – We noticed on your website that you have a 90 days challenge, what does this consist of?

L – What are your options for training sessions, insanity workouts and bootcamps?

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