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Compete Against Yourself: Tabata

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Work this Tabata and try to track your reps and record them! Come back to this again and see if your reps improve!

20 seconds Kettlebell Swing, 10 second break.
20 seconds Russian Twists, 10 second break.
20 seconds Burpee Push-Ups, 10 second break.
20 seconds Walking Lunges, 10 second break.
Repeat for a total of 4 minutes.

The Super Bowl

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Photo courtesy of grownandflown.com

A few things about the Super Bowl this weekend:

We have spoken many times about how to keep it healthy at holiday’s & events, but we just wanted to offer some quick tips/reminders as this is the first big food event since you may have made a New Years Resolution to stay fit.

If you decide to cheat on Sunday, remember that it’s up to you to commit to getting right back on track on Monday and not let Sunday’s event derail all of the progress you made this month, you have come too far to sabotage your success!

If you want to keep it healthy on Sunday, resolve to this and do your best to stick to it. Bring your own healthy snacks or if you are hosting prepare healthier snacks, your guests will enjoy them just the same.

If you attend an event, avoid bringing left over’s home. Conversely, if you host, give left over’s to your guests if you feel as though having them in the house will bother you.

Remember, as always, it’s not all about the food, it’s about the big game and great company. Enjoy the event and don’t make it all about the food. This is a habit that we can all break over time!

The Competition Show

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Competition can affect us in many ways. It can both inspire and hinder progress. In our every day life, we sometimes feel pressured by competition; pressure to fit in, measure up, look or even act a certain way. There are those who compete with us, whether we welcome that behavior or not. It can start as early as our childhood, for example, remember how in High School, girls sometimes competed for guys or even just for popularity?

Competition, we believe, can sometimes have negative “side effects” in the case of “High School” for example, it can possibly lead to poor body image or an unsafe approach to dieting should one competitor feels less worthy than the other and feel the need to change themselves to measure up.

Even when I was over weight, I never felt intimidated or the need to measure up to others, but this is not the case for everyone. There was competition to be good at things, but I never felt the need to hurt myself to compete to look the way others did.

On the other hand, competition in sports can be very healthy for young people and adults alike, competition gets people excited and inspired to get and stay fit and succeed at their fitness goals.

Even watching sports competitions can inspire young people to get active and in today’s sedentary, video game driven landscape, it’s important to encourage young people to get involved in healthy competition activities to stay healthy and express themselves through athletics.

We want to encourage a way to turn competition into something that can help, rather than hinder you! We have learned that competition can actually be used in a positive way to fuel you to succeed. As an example, competition among peers can help you stay motivated to get to the gym and conquer a tough workout.

In a group fitness setting, you can have a “secret” competition with another person in your class without them even knowing it. Competition can work to push each of us to work to our full potential.

A little healthy competition came in handy for Michelle and I at times, we were able to push one another to do better by pushing our individual selves. When one of us was having an off day but the other one was in the groove, that mood and “competition” often kicked in to help push the other to do better. In Spin class, for example, we would do our best to keep up with one another.

Signing up for a race with friends can help you to compete against your own best time or help you to keep up with those that are maybe more experienced runners than yourself.

Competing against yourself is also a great form of competition. You can compete to beat your best time in a run, or in a CrossFit WOD. Or you can challenge yourself to learn a new activity or even work up to something as simple as completing a proper push-up!

Stadium Sized Cheating

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Super Bowl Snack Stadium
Photo courtesy of alilcurious.com

Well here it is folks, the touchdown of all cheats: How to Build a Super Bowl Snack Stadium.  Now as we said on the show, you can totally make a healthy version of this, but chances are if you’re going to do your party this big, you’ll probably go all the way to the end zone with it! Burgers, wings, dogs and all!

For some other fun cheat recipes check out Tablespoon.com – Sports Events Recipes! Tablespoon is an awesome resource for all kinds of recipes from appetizers to desserts!

Guilt-Free Super Bowl Recipes!

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recipe rundown
In looking for a Super Bowl recipe to share with you all, we came across this post from Greatist – 31 Guilt-Free Super Bowl Recipes.  We could not narrow it down to one item!! The list on here is AMAZING. You will want to make EVERYTHING! So let us know if you try any of them!

Another awesome resource is Skinnytaste.com. Last year we used some of their recipes. The recipe index includes appetizers, Gluten Free, Paleo, anything you can think of and they are all low-cal!

Have fun and enjoy!

Pages of Inspiration

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Book Cover
We found this week’s book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble one afternoon and we connected with it immediately.  The quotes of inspiration and motivation were something we could totally relate to and truly could use before or after a workout. Pick up a copy, you won’t regret it!

You can find out more information on WOD Motivation: Quotes, Inspiration, Affirmations, and Wisdom to Stay Mentally Tough by Eleanor Brown at Amazon.com!

According to Amazon:
“WOD inspiration from CrossFit Journal contributor and New York Times bestselling author Eleanor Brown!

You know WODs are tough–on your body and on your mind. You know that when your legs are shaking and you can barely breathe, it takes more than physical strength to make it all the way to–and through–the final rep.

WOD Motivation is here to help you build the mental toughness you need to finish every workout with pride. You can use the motivational quotes and affirmations in this book to face your WOD with discipline and determination, and to boost your mental strength when you need it most.

Whether you’re blasting through burpees or knocking out deadlifts, WOD Motivation supports you as you power through to your new personal best.”

The Hours – Ali in the Jungle

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Ali in the Jungle is an awesome song by The Hours.  This song is very motivating, its first line being “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish…” is enough to get you hooked and through your training or any competition!

Viewer Question: How to Ban Belly Fat?

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Photo Courtesy of WebMD.com


How to ban belly fat? We always say *clean* diet, diet, diet.

First: Why is belly fat so dangerous? Belly fat is also known as a visceral fat which is fat that lies close to vital organs.  The risk here is that the closer the fat is to the organs the more risk there is for fat to get into your bloodstream and this is worrisome or other health issues such as clogged arteries, hypertension and metabolic functions in the body.

So check out these resources to find out how to banish belly fat for good!

Three Easy Steps To Fight Belly Fat

Get Rid of Belly Fat After 40

How to Lose Belly Fat

5 Tips To Lose Belly Fat

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