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#BeQuinetic – Hit List

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This week’s hit list song is compliments of our special guest, Qinetic.  This song is a great song to zone out and focus on conquering your workout, the length makes it the perfect song to accompany a quick WOD or Tabata workout.  Founder, Ben Hart, noted that he feels a strong connection to the song, so it motivates him to push himself during a tough workout.  It’s all about finding a song you can connect with and using it to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small!  We hope you enjoy this week’s pick, Runaway by Kanye West!

Make This Year’s Resolution Work!

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Many resources offer tips on how to stick to resolutions or goals for the new year, everyone is different, find what works for you. For example, Greatist has Renew Year, Daily Challenges, such as run an extra mile, do 10 planks, meditate for 10 minutes. Taking 31 days to do a little more each day could be all the resolution you need to achieve new goals this year!

Check it out here!

And here are a few tips on how to stick to your resolution for the New Year!

1. Make a vision board – seeing your goals will help you visualize your aspirations. Put this in a place you can see it every day.

2. Use the buddy system – team up with someone who has a similar resolution for added support
3.  Write it out – keep a daily journal and track your progress along with motivational talk
4. Hold yourself accountable – remember it takes a good 21 days to change your thoughts and habits
5. Enjoy the journey – remember that everything you’re doing is to create a better version of yourself which will only make you feel better in the long run. Enjoy that and your efforts!

And lastly and most importantly – Join Qinetic!

#beqinetic Tabata

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This week’s Tabata was provided by Qinetic Co-Founder and Personal Trainer, Ben Hart!

20 seconds Reach to the floor Squat Jumps, 10 second break.
20 seconds Plyo-Pushups, 10 second break.
20 seconds Speed Skater Side Jumps, 10 second break.
20 seconds High Knees (sprinting in place), 10 second break.
Repeat for a total of 4 minutes.


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This week we were so lucky to host the Founders of Qinetic!

Qinetic’s mission is to provide individuals with the health content and connections that enable them to make better lifestyle choices. We believe accessing great fitness and wellness information should be seamless, social, and fun. #beqinetic everyday.”

Founders Ben Hart, CEO, Eric Brody, CFO, and Social Media and Marketing Manager, Brendan Fumagalli joined us in the studio to talk about this amazing venture that is about to join everyone in the fitness world together.

Who is Qinetic?
Ben Hart, CEO and Co-founder of Qinetic, is a leading personal trainer in NYC. He was a former 2012 boxing Olympic trial candidate and golden glove competitor. Ben came up with the concept of Qinetic from his passion for health and fitness, and his desire to give people a place to inspire as well as get inspired for healthy living. Ben is an active runner, boxer and influential voice in the fitness industry having previously been profiled in Access Hollywood, Details, Elle, and Refinery 29. Ben completed his B.S. at Manhattan College with a double major in Biology and Psychology.

Eric Brody, CFO, COO and Co-founder of Qinetic, has always focused on living and leading a healthy lifestyle after being diagnosed with Chron’s disease in High School. He is a Level III CFA Candidate and has several years experience in corporate finance and banking while working at Citigroup and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He is an active bodybuilder and has completed two Tough Mudders. Eric has a B.S. in Finance and Economics from Manhattan College.

Brendan Fumagalli, Social Media and Marketing Manager at Qinetic, brings years of sales and marketing experience from startups ranging from tech, to financial services. As a consultant, he has worked with several small businesses to establish, and grow their online presence through social media, and digital marketing. Brendan holds a degree in Strategic Communications from the State University of Plattsburgh, and has studied Entrepreneurship at the American University of Rome.

Below are the questions from the Q&A portion of the show! Tune in here to watch the interview and learn more about Qinetic!

What is Qinetic?

How did Qinetic Start?

Tell us more about where you came up with the name for the network.

What particular problems can Qinetic solve for its users?

As we have learned, there is such a wide variety of health and fitness information out there, where do you go to find good information on the web?

What makes Qinetic the most reliable one stop shop for health and fitness?

How is Qinetic different from Twitter, Facebook, or other social platforms?

If I am someone who is just looking for the right instructor, trainer, or a nutritionist, can Qinetic help me?

What makes Qinetic unique?

How many people are assisting/working with Qinetic?

Can you show us the Qinetic site and tell us about the types of coaches we can find there?

Where is Qinetic now/where do you plan to go?

Can new users sign up now before the official launch?

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