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Tea Green’s Hit List!

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Tea’s addition to our hit list is Pound Cake by Drake – we thought this was rather fitting considering she’s a baker. But truly she says this song helps her get into her zone while she’s training!

Interview with Tea Green, Paleo Baker

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If you’d like a sneak peak into the podcast for Tea’s show we discussed the questions below. Tea went into some great detail about her life as a CrossFitter and now as a Paleo baker! She inspired us – hopefully she will inspire you too!photo

1. When did your fitness lifestyle begin?

2. When did you begin CrossFit and Paleo?

3. Do you follow the Paleo lifestyle to the fullest or do you just follow it as an eating plan?

4. How do you feel about Paleo becoming a buzz word lately?

5. What were your first resources to following the Paleo Diet? Recipes, etc.?

6. Do you use resources like Kettlebell Kitchen or Custom Fit Meals to help you take the work out of food preparation?

7. Do you do a lot of food prep in advance for the week?

8. Have you ever struggled sticking to eating Paleo?

9. How do you handle cravings?

10. How do you feel about CrossFit becoming more popular in terms of branching out to those who have no background in Olympic lifting?

11. What about CrossFit got you hooked?

12. What is a typical week look like for you, fitness wise?

13. How do you juggle training and everyday life?

14. Have you ever experienced major injury due to fitness?

15. Do you compete in CrossFit games? If so, can you tell us what it’s like to prepare for an event like that?

16. Do you have a fitness defining moment?

17. What advice can you give someone who is afraid to try something new, fitness or food wise?

18. Tell us more about the name of your cookie business.

19. We LOVE Tea-Rex Paleo Cookies, what kind of response have you received from others?

20. Have you always enjoyed baking?

21. What inspired you to start baking?

22. What other baked goods besides cookies have you had success with?

23. Where did you learn to bake Paleo and how to swap out your “typical” cookie ingredients for those that make these cookies gluten, dairy, wheat and soy free.

24. How can people place an order for these amazing cookies?

25. We’ve seen that you will set up your cookie stand at events. Do you have any upcoming events you can share with our viewers so they can come down and pick some up?

For more info, check out Episode 15 – Tea-Rex Paleo Cookies on YouTube!

Tea’s Tabata!

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We asked our guest, Tea Green to help us create a Tabata! She created it right on the spot and I guess you could say it’s CrossFit inspired:

20 seconds of jump rope or double unders, 10 second break.
20 seconds sit ups, 10 second break.
20 seconds hand release pushups, 10 second break.
20 seconds air squats, 10 second break.
Repeat for a total of 4 minutes.

CrossFit Creates Community

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Having Tea on the show this week reminded us of our love for CrossFit.  After all we met Tea at our CrossFit box, CrossFit Dynamix.

I specifically remember our first foundations class.  Foundations class is where they show you all the moves that you do in crossfit with the olympic bar, and the other workouts involved (box jumps, head stand pushups, wall climbs, etc.).  Everyone’s a newbie at foundations.  But after foundations is over, you’re thrown into the mix and its off you go! Surrounded mostly by those who have been doing CrossFit for years with only a handful of people new to the WOD.

And then I remember our first WOD. I knew I would never keep up with anybody there, but I would try to do my best.  Coming in last to finish, Michelle and I just kept going, finishing off our reps while the others were finished but what they did while we finished was really cool: they cheered us on with applause and a few woo hoo’s and whistles.

This is something you don’t get in your spin class, your yoga class, your zumba class. Certainly I’m sure your spin, yoga and zumba classmates are supportive people but I don’t know what it is about CrossFit.  Maybe that we’re all voluntarily putting ourselves through hell for 20 – 30 minutes…I don’t know but it makes you feel like you’re part of the team.

The article from this week’s magazine rack goes into this concept.  In the Greatist post CROSSFIT RUINED MY CONFIDENCE AND SENT ME TO THE HOSPITAL. HERE’S WHY I STILL DO IT by David Tao, he discusses how while living in New York City he was searching for a community to be apart of and so he turned to CrossFit.  He found hwat he was looking for and discovered the same situation we did, that after competing against each other during the WOD, as each person finished, they suddenly became coaches rooting each other on to finish at their best.

Sure, CrossFit is dangerous, but only if you do it incorrectly.  Poor form, lifting too much too soon, not making sure your body is ready to do certain moves.  But done correctly, I believe that you can get in shape and learn a lot about yourself.  You are competing not only against your classmates but more importantly, competing against yourself. Its recommended that you record each WOD (since they are never the same) how much you’re lifting that day and your time. This way you can keep track of your progress which gives you (hopefully) the confidence and motivation to beat your best each time.

Check out the article (linked above) for a great story and more personal insight to the CrossFit experience and community.

Feed Your Inner Dinosaur – You Won’t Regret It!

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Tonight we had Tea Green, creator of Tea-Rex Paleo Cookies on the show! We met Tea when we decided to explore the world of CrossFit at CrossFit Dynamix!

We always saw recipes for baked paleo goods but never ventured to actually bake them ourselves. One night at the box (a term for CrossFit gym) we saw a sign up that Tea was selling her homemade cookies. No hesitation, we were ordering.

The night the cookies came in I wanted to crack open the package right there at the box but we waited until we got home from our WOD that night to have one after dinner.

It was well worth the wait. These cookies were so amazing, better than any chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had and I’m a HUGE cookie person!

I’ll never forget every time we went to CrossFit from then on, Tea’s order sheet was always full. And its really not a surprise.

Tonight, Tea brought us her classic chocolate chip and a new seasonal flavor, pumpkin coconut cookie!

Chocolate Chip

All the cookies are Paleo friendly! No grains, wheat, gluten, dairy or soy. The pumpkin coconut cookie is actually vegan/vegetarian since she makes it without eggs!

Both cookie types are soft and do not let on to being made with “different” ingredients than your “processed” cookie. The chocolate chip was chock full of non dairy semi sweet chocolate chips. You’d never know it. Tollhouse ain’t got nothin’ on Tea.

The Pumpkin Coconut was a blast of fall flavor fit for any thanksgiving dessert table!

Let’s not forget there is no refined sugar or sugar substitute in either of these cookies! Tea uses maple syrup to replace it! No joke, you cannot tell! Move over Martha Stewart and Tulu’s! Tea-Rex is moving in!

These cookies are made to order so they are always super fresh, practically out of the oven!  The shelf life for these goodies is two weeks refrigerated. We highly, highly, highly (did we say highly?) recommend them!

Tea shared with us that she is pairing up with Kettlebell Kitchen to be the featured dessert on their menu for any of you lucky Kettlebell Kitchen members!

You can order your Tea-Rex Paleo Cookies here! She ships, so don’t be shy! Order yours today!

Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip

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