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recipe rundown

Edlin gave us both a recipe he makes himself and a favorite dish of his from Eat Tribal!

“One of my go-to breakfasts, when I eat breakfast and am not doing intermittent fasting or drinking my butter tea, is bacon, sausage, eggs, onions and wilted spinach. I cook the bacon first and then caramelize the onions in the fat; I throw in the sausage and sauté it a bit; then toss in the spinach turn the heat down and cover for a minute. I scrape that all out and then I’ll crack the eggs into the remaining fat and do them over easy.”

“One my favorite Eat Tribal dishes is the Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake, which we actually haven’t done in a while for a number of reasons. But it’s spaghetti squash and chicken tossed in Tessa Mae’s hot sauce or hot sauce made in house. It’s super simple, but it’s so good and tastes like a cheat meal but isn’t. This is something we might reintroduce in our new catering format which we’ll begin to offer soon.”

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