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More about The City Challenge Race with Elvi Guzman

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We were lucky to get more of a look into The City Challenge Race with our Q&A with Elvi Guzman!

Check out the show on our YouTube Channel to see his answers to the questions below!

What inspired you to start up The City Challenge Race?

What makes The City Challenge Race different from other obstacle races?

What was the first race like back in Oct 2013 and how has it evolved since?

We noticed on the website you have training locations for the race.  How recommended is it that people train ahead of time?

Can you recommend a specific training regimen for challengers?

What does a day at The City Challenge race look like?

What advice can you give to a obstacle race beginner?

You have tri-state area races coming up, what is to come for City Challenge in 2015?

As we mentioned, the race benefits the Susan G. Komen of North Jersey. Do you have any special connection to that specific foundation?

What kind of reactions have you had to The City Challenge race?

What are some of the obstacles challengers can expect at the race?  (List/Photos of obstacles)

What if a challenger cannot complete an obstacle?

Do challengers work as a team throughout the race as we sometimes see with other obstacle races?

Tell us about some of the inspiring stories that have come out of City Challenge races!

What would you say to those who are intimidated by obstacle races or feel as though they are only for seasoned athletes?

What is your personal favorite part of the City Challenge?

For more info or to sign up for The City Challenge Race go to!

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