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Q&A with Tyler Gage

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Below is the Q&A from Episode 42 – RUNA – follow along with the YouTube version of the Episode and learn more about this amazing drink that brings us clean energy! No doubt, you will love it!


How do you think Runa can best be used to help fuel an active lifestyle?

What types of activities do you think are best fueled by Runa?

How do you keep up your active lifestyle while running a successful business?

What kind of advice can you give to young people who have an idea for their own business?

What are the additional benefits of drinking Runa?

How did you come up with the flavor options?

When did the energy drink come into play?

How is the tea processed?

What was the first place you distributed to?

What was the initial response?

What has the response been from the communities who have benefited most from the development of Runa?

Tell us a little about the social and environmental impact of Runa.

Tell us more about the Runa foundation.

Tell us about the Runa Tribe.

Where can people find Runa?

Any new exciting upcoming retail partnerships?

Finally, tell us what’s next for you and for Runa!


Learn More about Runa & Show your Support!13 - Contact Image

#drinkRUNA – check out, as well as like Runa on Facebook and follow them on Twitter & Instagram.

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