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We found this week’s book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble one afternoon and we connected with it immediately.  The quotes of inspiration and motivation were something we could totally relate to and truly could use before or after a workout. Pick up a copy, you won’t regret it!

You can find out more information on WOD Motivation: Quotes, Inspiration, Affirmations, and Wisdom to Stay Mentally Tough by Eleanor Brown at!

According to Amazon:
“WOD inspiration from CrossFit Journal contributor and New York Times bestselling author Eleanor Brown!

You know WODs are tough–on your body and on your mind. You know that when your legs are shaking and you can barely breathe, it takes more than physical strength to make it all the way to–and through–the final rep.

WOD Motivation is here to help you build the mental toughness you need to finish every workout with pride. You can use the motivational quotes and affirmations in this book to face your WOD with discipline and determination, and to boost your mental strength when you need it most.

Whether you’re blasting through burpees or knocking out deadlifts, WOD Motivation supports you as you power through to your new personal best.”

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