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New Ways to Celebrate – Get Your Fitness On!

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Are you tired of all your celebrations being centered around sitting down to eat a meal with friends or family? Are you trying to keep a healthy lifestyle while enjoying milestones at the same time?

Check out this awesome article by Dorene Internicola from Reuters which talks about the growing trend of ‘Fitness Parties’!

We have never personally had one of these, but we were invited to a few Pole Dancing fitness birthday parties.  We never attended because we felt like we wouldn’t have been able to keep up due to being so overweight.

So, maybe you’re not ready for Pole Dancing like we weren’t ready, but other fitness clubs are getting in on the action too! From Soul Cycle (we love spin!) to Crunch Fitness centers, see if you can find a workout you love – Zumba, Kettlebell, Yoga – that will let you bring in your friends to celebrate!!

Guarantee the meal you’ll sit down for after the party will be healthy, you’ll all have fun and everyone’s endorphin’s will be high!

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