FourC FitnessTips of The WeekEpisode 36: Team MissFits & PEPPER

Episode 36: Team MissFits & PEPPER

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Team MissFits

We learned a lot from Alex and Sarah from Team MissFits and we hope to participate in a training program with them soon! If you’re interested in a training opportunity that is fully customized and non-stop support you might want to check them out! For more info, watch the episode and follow along the Q&A here! And see their contact info below!

Have you both been with MissFits since inception?

What was the motivation behind starting Team MissFits?

Tell us about the very first meeting of Team MissFits.

How many competitors have you grown to today?

What is a program like with Team MissFits?

What would you say is the level of commitment one needs to see results?

Do you train strictly for competition or would someone who wants to see extreme results fit in?

What kind of personalized training does a client receive?

How accessible is it – what if someone is not in the NYC area but wants to train with you?

Tell us about the success of your MissFit competitors!

Have you seen anyone go from over weight to competing on your team?

Competing must be really motivational for your clients, do you find that even those who didn’t intend to compete in the first place end up going for it once they get started?

Is the diet and exercise plan for competition prep safe, or is this something you recommend as a temporary routine?

How did PEPPER get started?

What is the typical method/structure of training for a PEPPER client?

How do you balance PEPPER and the Team?

What does your own training look like?

What advice would you have for someone who lives a really hectic lifestyle and finds they have a hard time fitting in exercise?

M – What’s next for Team MissFits and PEPPER?

For more info or to sign up go to or or email Alex at or!

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