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Exercise Excitement with Team MissFits & PEPPER

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We have continued our sessions with Jenel of Prowess PT and Kettlebell Kickboxing classes! We continue to lose inches all around but most importantly we are gaining strength! We are looking to make a shift now that July is here and our fitness schedule has opened up a bit, will be adding in sessions with Kenny of Pena’s Fitness Method!


Our guest, Alex, gave us this great article 10 Weird Gym Tools, Explained by PEPPER Trainer Bryan Jackson.  This is awesome because how many times have you gone to the gym and said, “What do I do with this item anyway?” “How do I use that to work out?” Well this article explains them all!

Alex’s workout of choice is the Jumping Knee Tuck Bulgarian Split Squat. Say that five times fast and its a workout for your mouth.  But seriously, Alex showed us how to do these on the show AND we even tried them afterwards! Pretty intense!

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