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Marathons w/Nicole Spano – Team in Training

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We had the pleasure of having runner, Nicole Spano, on our show this week. Nicole began her running journey in 2011 and has since run 5 marathons and 13 half marathons. According to her bio, “Nicole’s journey began 3.5 years ago when her uncle was diagnosed with leukemia. She knew she wanted to do something for him, and sitting at his bedside wasn’t enough. Someone mentioned Team in Training and she knew she was in immediately. She signed up for The Long Branch Half Marathon 2011, figuring that she’d raise the money and maybe run the event (she was NOT a runner!). The experience changed her life. Whenever she was down and couldn’t run another step, there was her mentor, her coach, and fellow participants cheering her on, helping her every step of the way. It was a six month adventure full of laughs, aches, pains, minor injuries, eating good and bad tasting gu’s and getting lost on occasion. It was a new world full of possibility and she started to become giddy at the thought that she’d actually be able to accomplish this race! On race day she was surrounded by other chapters of TNT, with their coaches all along the course, supporting her EVERY SINGLE STEP along the way. All of the encouragement really helped her to cross that finish line and actually felt a bit overwhelming. After the race, she knew she couldn’t end the love affair with TNT. She has since completed 5 full marathons and continues to train with TNT as a captain. She’s completed 5 races as a TNT participant and considers herself an addict!”

Click on the below image of Nicole after the 2013 NYC Marathon to donate to Nicole’s Team in Training site and help her in the fight against Cancer!
Nicole NYC Marathon 1

To learn more about Nicole or donate, go to or email her at! To join Team in Training and begin your own journey, sign up at!

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