The War On Gravity

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Kim gave us the War On Gravity.

“The war on gravity is sort of a Tabata; we use sequences like these at the end of many of our large group workouts because it’s a fun contest:

Walk out push up

Squat Trio (chair, standard, plié)

Broad jump

Roll back into Turkish get up

180-jump around

Well aware that these are 5 moves, the 180 jump, is just to bridge one round to the next.”

So here’s the Tabata in full force:

20 seconds walk out push up, 10 second break.

20 seconds squat trio, 10 second break.

20 seconds broad jump, 10 second break.

20 seconds roll back into Turkish get-up, 10 second break.

Repeat for a total of 4 minutes.

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