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Get inSHAPE with this Exercise Excitement!

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This is a pivotal week for us! Our training sessions ended and we rejoined our local gym! we are transitioning to training for races and aesthetics (for upcoming weddings galore!)  We still need more time in the PM so we need to really commit to AM workouts!

Its the beginning of the month so that means a challenge!  This month is the 31 Day Ab Challenge! (Pictured above!)

August Shrinking Jeans Ab Challenge

Kim shared with us some of her favorite exercise: Concentrated Isometrics – the term that we give to moves that serve two significant purposes. The first is that during fitness routines, most people spend their time in mental la-la land. Whether they are on the elliptical watching the news, chatting up their buddy in a boot camp, or confessing their nutritional sins to their personal trainer, focus on movement is often the last thing on a person’t mind. By reminding clients to isometrically contract small muscles, the workout recruits more muscles and therefore burns more calories. Best example: Kegels :)

The second purpose they serve is even more important. Most people only exercise a couple of times a week, which is WAY less than is needed for overall bodily health and weight management. By practicing concentrated isometrics during “non-fitness” times of the day, one can learn how to boost daily energy levels and one’s resting metabolic rate. Kegels are the best example we use, but this includes ab contractions, glutes, gripping the floor with one’s toes, making one’s legs tree trunks.

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