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What is inMOTION, Q&A, Promo Codes & More!

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4 - App - 1408 inMOTION Crab Kick


Mobile exercise programs are here to stay but 99% of them present canned programs that use video content and loud music to get you moving. inMOTION is unique each time you use it and you control the settings: time, difficulty, and purpose. Plus we focus on the quality of YOUR movement, and this high quality of instruction is why your 10 min routine is as effective as a 25-30 typical routine. And you can do it ANYWHERE!

Want to hear first hand from Kim about inSHAPE and inMOTION?  Check out the actual episode and follow along with the Q&A posted here!  And don’t stop there! Check out the promo codes further into this post!


What got you into the fitness community?

Tell us more about the team you have working with you now?

What kind of results have you seen with clients?

Where did the inspiration come for the inMOTION app?

Are there any extras associated with signing up for the app?

Can you walk us through the app and the photos that you have provided?

What kind of training packages/inMOTION plans do you offer?

What other fitness events has inSHAPE been a part of around NYC?

Tell us more about the Jack Rabbit series and how people can come out for one of these workouts.

As a busy Mom yourself, share with our followers how you keep healthy while juggling a career and a family!

Many of our followers have a hard time finding time for health and fitness, can you offer any advice for them or tips that you have seen work for your clients?

What is your main client demographic?

How do you address clients who may work off the app but have concerns about past or present injuries?

What’s next for inSHAPE and inMOTION?

Sign Up!

We have two great offers for the listeners/friends of FourC Fitness:

75% OFF inMOTION Customized Workouts (inmo2014)

What do you do when you don’t have time for the gym? Skip it, right? inMOTION is your key to skipping the gym without the guilt. You set the number of minutes, the difficulty level, and the functional focus, and like a Pandora for exercise, inMOTION streams your unique personal session. For less than $2.00 a month, you get full access with this code: inmo2014, so sign up today! Click here to set up your account now:

40% OFF any personal training offer (4CFit – promo code)

We know that we can help you set the right goals and guide you through the right workouts that will motivate and maneuver your body into the results that you desire. And it doesn’t have to break your bank or commit you to a life-long trainer-client relationship (though we have some clients who have been with us for more than 10 years so we love that too :). Click here for the storefront and check out the various options – and with this promo code: 4CFit you will get 40% anything in the store. Packages start at $180.00

If you live outside of Manhattan, we train via Skype (about a quarter of our business is conducted this way and it’s very effective).

Contact Info

Contact Info

- Want to contact Kim and learn even more about inSHAPE?  Go to and we will post all of the information on our website plus check out  for the two special deals to try inSHAPE for yourself!  Go directly to to sign up for the new app with the promo code inmo2014 or 4CFit or contact Kim at!

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