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Hibernation Habits, Be Gone!

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People it’s time to get up and out!  So it’s cold! So what!? A little cold never hurt nobody! Check out these tips for working out in the winter to break your hibernation habit and get ready for the spring!

From Fitness Magazine: Winter-Proof Your Workout lists the possible cause for your body storing more fat during the winter, the strategy behind ditching the bulky sweaters, fun ways to burn calories and more!

HuffingtonPost Healthy Living provides tips that will keep you motivated all winter with these quick Winter Workout Tips!

Winter Fitness Tips – 10 Formulas For Staying Super-Fit In Winter  from This list isn’t just for men, you ladies can take advantage of any of these! Check out the article to get more explanation on each of their Ten Tips!

10. Have restraint
9. Consider the math
8. Think of the warm shower ahead
7. A Simple Kidnapping Will Do The Trick
6. Embrace The Cold
5. Just Bite The Bullet
4. Be One Of The Chosen Ones
3. The Chicago Workout
2. You Can Have Your Holiday Excess – And Eat It, Too
1. The Marine Workout

Cold Weather Workouts from Womens Health Mag guides you to working out in the elements! From safely mapping your route to starting off slow, distance wise, these are very important tips on how to safely get your fitness on!

5 Tips for Cold Weather Workouts from Spafinder!

1. Take a look at your health.
2. Layer up.
3. Warm up (maybe even before heading outside)
4. Protect your head, hands, and feet.
5. Diversify your workouts!

Specifically For Runners: Winterize Your Run from Fitness Magazine! It gives a great guide on how to layer depending on how low the temperatures go!

And to keep things fun this winter: Hit the Slopes – 10 Ski Destinations Close to Long Island.  Skiing is great exercise! Cross-Country Skiing is an amazing workout! If you’ve never skied before, its always good to try something new and its fun for all ages!

And if you just cannot seem to bear the cold, here are some of our favorite at home workouts!

1. T25
2. Insanity
3. P90X/2/3 (30 Minutes)
4. ChaLEAN Extreme
5. KB Body Series
6. Shrinking Jeans
7. Tabata
8. Cycleops
9. Resistance Bands
10. Stretch/Foam Roll

As long as you keep yourself moving this winter, you cannot go wrong! Remember to keep the spring and summer in mind to keep yourself motivated! If you head out into the winter weather to exercise, take in the fresh air, be safe and stay healthy!

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