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Guests: SportSetter

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We were lucky to have some key players from SportSetter join us for this week’s show! As you can see from the photo above, if you go to or download the application in the App Store, you can redeem two free passes when using the code FOURC!

Here is some background information on our guests:

Trevor Ferguson, Co-Founder of SportSetter. Attended University of South Carolina, worked in Software sales for 5 years before starting SportSetter.

Steve Csolak, Business Operations Manager of SportSetter. Also attended USC, worked in a corporate gym setting for 5 years before joining forces with Trevor and Niko Karstikko, co-founder.

Jaclyn Sklaver, Business development for SportSetter – fitness enthusiast for over 20 years – background in marketing & PR for new businesses, active in NYC fitness community.

SportSetter helps people find health and fitness products and services they’ll love. For consumers SportSetter is a personalized fitness concierge service.

You can catch all the info to the following Q&A with SportSetter on the YouTube Episode!

1. Tell us the background story of how SportSetter began.

2. Go through with us the basic features of the app. How do you begin?

3. What are the subscription packages like?

4. What is SportSetter Social?

5. What are the gift passes?

6. How many users currently?

7. Can you only sign up if you have the app or can you do this through the web?

8. What kind of fitness facilities will users be able to access on SportSetter?

9. What happens if you fall in love with a place you try and want to go back again and again?

10. What do you feel are the main benefits of a service like SportSetter?

11. What makes SportSetter ideal for all people on all budgets?

12. What do you see as the future of SportSetter?

13. What is your personal favorite thing about SportSetter?

14. How can people learn more about SportSetter?

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