FourC FitnessTips of The WeekHow to go from average2athlete!

How to go from average2athlete!

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What tips can you find on A2A’s blog? Awesome stuff like

Below is our Q&A portion with the ladies of average2athlete! You can see all their answers to these questions on The Show!

How did you two meet and get started on average2athlete?

What is your favorite part about average2athlete?

What do you feel took you from “average” to “athletic”?

What is your motivation/inspiration to stay dedicated to your fitness?

Tell us about the CMC race in the Poconos last weekend!

What is your CMC training regimen like and how do you extend this to your A2A team?

What can an average person expect from a race like the CMC?

Do you still hold bootcamps listed on your website at

How do you make time for your own training around your hectic work schedules at Fhitting Room and Equinox and juggle A2A with all of that? 

Do you incorporate weekly food prep into your busy schedule?

Any advice for people who have a hard time finding time for fitness and healthy meal prep?

Have you seen your followers or clients of yours go from overweight or out of shape to “athletes”?

What is the best piece of advice that you can give to someone who thinks they will never be able to compete in a hard core race or see themselves with muscles or fit?

How can they overcome this mentality & see results?

What has been the hardest thing that you have had to overcome on your journey?

Any advice or thoughts on trouble spots/spot training?

What about women who think they lack upper body strength or who can’t lift heavy weight like men? What has been your personal experience with lifting weight?

What has changed since the start of average2athlete? 

What can we expect from average2athlete this year and where do you see average2athlete going?

Want to contact Julia & Kayte and learn more about A2A?

a2a contact

You can workout with Julia at the Fhitting Room, located on the Upper East Side of NYC. Classes sell out quickly, so sign up today!

You can also work out with Kayte at Equinox UES!

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