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The Importantce of Foundation

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It has never been more apparent to us how important a good foundation is to continue to achieve our goals. When we started our weight loss journey, luckily Michelle had been educated by her parents on how to work a gym circuit. A treadmill and elliptical pretty much speak for themselves for cardio.

The tricky part is knowing when you’re ready for bigger and better workouts. Yoga, CrossFit, Kettlebell Kickboxing, etc. And just because you might be thin doesn’t mean that you’re ready. (Lisa’s shoulder injury as example). Losing weight and gaining muscle & a strong foundation don’t always go hand in hand if you aren’t doing specific exercises and movements to correct muscular imbalances and strengthen weakened muscles.

Throughout her NASM-CPT training Michelle learned the OPT Model of training, which emphasizes starting out with a base of functional movements and balance and stability to get clients moving in the right direction. Her eyes were opened to the fact that throughout their journey, her and Lisa never started working out with a trainer to build a foundation.
It’s a basic matter of physics, you can’t build a house without a strong foundation. If you start with the first or second floor, the house will have nothing to support it from below. The same is true for starting a fitness routine with a high level exercise. Sure, Insanity and P90X are great programs, but you can be prone to injuring yourself if you don’t have a basis before you begin these workouts.

After meeting with Jenel this week we realized the importance of foundation even more. She warned us that we might become bored with the routine she may give us, but that if we stick with it we will be able to take our results to the next level. Through Michelle’s training knowledge and our own experiences with injury, we know that she is 100% right.
It dawned on us when we were speaking to her – here we are, almost 6 years into our journey, and we are starting at the beginning all over again. It’s actually a really exciting feeling and it motivates us even further to finally be able to achieve our latest set of goals. Without going backwards, we would not be able to go forward.

We spoke to our friend Dimitri at Oak Point who is also a NASM CPT and Corrective Exercise Specialist and we asked him if his clients get bored with the OPT Model of training. He said that he sets up a 6 month plan with them to set them on the right path to achieving their long term goals. As you can see, there really is no QUICK fix if you want to see serious success.

You can certainly try various methods to keep things exciting, as we often suggest – but without starting at the beginning, you will limit yourself to how much you can experiment with. If we had a stronger foundation, Lisa may not have injured her shoulder and we may be competing in the CrossFit games by now (LOL).


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