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First Hand Back to Basics

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Back to Basics

With all abundance of fitness programs, workouts, training, offers and trends in the world there comes a time where you have to refocus, regroup and reevaluate your fitness.  We can all go hard, but sometimes only for so long.  It could be that your intense workouts just aren’t giving you what you need, it could be that you’ve injured yourself or it could be that you’ve come down with a health issue.  There’s nothing wrong with bringing fitness back to the basics.  Most of us who began a weight loss journey started simple. A walk on the treadmill.  A 20 minute run.  All just a few times a week.  Maybe you included some basic circuit training in between. Regardless, you saw results right? And this motivated you to keep going, correct?  Our bodies need constant change and that doesn’t always mean for the increase in intensity but sometimes the opposite.

Basics different for everyone – basics for us was cardio machines and weight circuit at the gym.  High intensity interval training is great and effective, but if you have a condition that prohibits you from partaking in those activities, it can be frustrating to know that you can’t participate in those types of workouts.  A simple routine can be just as effective – some even say that it’s better to not stress your body and take a break from “killing” it every so often.

The key is to not let it get you down and out, to keep on moving and realize that what you did before will work again, especially if you have come as far as we have.  There comes a time when pressing the brakes a little can actually be more beneficial.  Stressing yourself, not sleeping enough, working out too hard and not eating enough can all raise stress hormones in your body and actually prevent you from seeing results.  There is a happy medium that we all have to find.

It’s about finding your sweet spot, as we are all different.  In the past 3 weeks since we have been in the gym doing weights and cardio with a clean diet, we have seen better results then we had been seeing for months fitting in high intensity interval workouts when we had time.  We are building our endurance and strength and when we are ready to tackle HIIT again, we will be even better then we were before.

The takeaway?  Listen to your body, period the end.  If something does not feel right, stop.  We are not talking about soreness or a little tiredness, we all know our bodies and when enough is enough.  There’s nothing wrong with taking that cue and jumping on a simple weight machine or treadmill, it’s the difference between hurting yourself further or keeping yourself in the best shape you can without injury!

FourC Fitness’ Tips:

1. Keep it simple
2. Tell your trainer your goals/what you are feeling
3. See a doctor
4. Do your research
5. Walk, bike, play, be active
6. Weight circuit machines at gym
7. Simple body weight exercises at home – use something like the inMotion App (Check out our past blogs about it!)
8. Keep it exciting with music
9. Set distance goals for a short amount of time so you push yourself
10. Change it up, switch machines if you get too bored
11. Keep it steady, dare yourself to do 1 thing for 30 minutes and note how your body feels
12 .Challenge yourself to try something different like incline

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