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#PoweredByBits #PoweredByBits #PoweredByBits…

This was pretty much Lisa and I after our first full dose of ENERGYbits during our favorite Kettlebell Kickboxing workout. We had tried the bits two times before, the first time I took 20 to do some work, the next time we each took 20 for a workout, but it wasn’t until we both took the full suggested dose of 30 that we truly felt the full effects of these little green magicians… and we were most certainly hooked!

You may be asking yourself, what the heck are ENERGYbits? Well, here’s a little more information from the amazing folks at ENERGYbits:
“ENERGYbits is a new Boston based sports nutrition company. Our ‘bits’ are rapidly becoming the fuel of choice for athletes and people looking to lead active lifestyles. ENERGYbits have the highest concentration of protein in the world and deliver a steady stream of energy, all naturally and all without sugar, caffeine, chemicals or stomach distress. Even better, ENERGYbits are the only protein in the world that also contain natural antioxidants and Omega 3 which reduce muscle inflammation, iron which prevents fatigue, chlorophyll which builds the immune system and electrolytes which replenish mineral imbalances, all for just one calorie per tab. No other protein offers all this.

ENERGYbits are all natural too, because they are a food, not a supplement. They have just one ingredient – 100% organically grown spirulina algae. Algae has been used by Olympic athletes for over 50 years, but is still virtually unknown in the USA and Canada. We are the first company to bring algae to national attention as a high protein, high performance snack food for athletes and active consumers.”

I had seen ENERGYbits on Twitter, which sparked me to do some research to find out more. Upon exploring their website and finding other reviews, I was interested to give them a try on my own! I reached out to the team at ENERGYbits and they were so amazing to send us a generous sample of ENERGYbits with tons of information on this fantastic product.

Nutritional Comparison Chart

The recommended dose for ENERGYbits is 20-30 bits, swallowed whole, before a workout. We definitely suggest the 30 bits, but you can try 20-25 if you want to ease in. You will certainly notice an increase in energy and alertness! We have heard that they are great for runners and many who have reviewed the bits during a run said that they were able to push themselves without decreased energy throughout their workout. Lisa and I are most definitely believers and we are huge supporters of this awesome product. We don’t like to promote things that we do not believe in, but we definitely feel as though these bits are top notch. If you feel as though you lack energy for your workout or need something to help you focus, we would most certainly suggest giving them a try. There are absolutely no negative side effects and they will help you to feel great without any stimulants or chemicals. The coolest thing is, they don’t just offer ENERGYbits, they also offer RECOVERYbits, VITALITYbits and SKINNYbits! The health benefits of Algae are highly regarded and the fact of the matter is millions of people do not even know about the health and energy benefits that they are missing out on as the power of Algae is unknown to almost everyone, unless of course you have tried ENERGYbits! Here is some more info about the amazing vitamins and minerals found in ENERGYbits!


Now on to our experience. As we said, we swallowed 30 of the ENERGYbits before our workout. It is not recommended to chew the bits and trust me on this one, as I did try chewing one and it left some green behind in my teeth, which was easily washed away with water, but still not the most pleasant. The bits are so small that it is very easy to swallow 30 and aside from a little fish-food type smell, there is no noticeable taste. They also recommend that you take the bits with plenty of water, as they are high in protein and your body will require extra water to break them down. Within 10 minutes of taking the bits I definitely started to feel more awake and alert and ready to conquer. By our warm up I felt as though I could push myself even harder, when usually I have a hard time getting started. I can definitely see the bits working out best for a sustained activity, as the stop and start of our high intensity interval workout was a bit manic considering my energy was so high. I may try 25 bits next time and 30 for a longer duration steady state workout to keep me going. After our workout we felt great and got on with the rest of our night, grabbing a recovery meal and then our usual Thursday night post workout food shopping at Whole Foods. By the time we got home later that night we weren’t completely zapped like we usually are, yet we were able to sleep fine! The next morning Lisa actually woke up with a LOT of energy and she credited the ENERGYbits for helping her to have some extra pep in her step that next morning!

So, do you want to try ENERGYbits for yourself? Well you are in LUCK! The amazing folks at ENERGYbits have been generous enough to offer a *Free Sample* of ENERGYbits to one of our lucky followers! Just enter the giveaway below from now until 2/3 and we will announce the winner during The FourC Fitness Show on Tuesday 2/4 and contact you to let you know that you have been selected! Just a note from ENERGYbits regarding their products and this giveaway, “ENERGYbits are only available at, and Jonathan (their Brand Manager) has shared with us that he’d be happy to connect anyone with a current ambassador to share a discount on a bag of bits – you can email him at”. How cool is that? If you don’t happen to win at least you can still try the bits for a discounted price, that’s because the folks at ENERGYbits want you to learn about the benefits of Algae and so do we! Lisa and I loved our experience with ENERGYbits so much that we would love to become Ambassadors for this breakthrough product, so we will be sure to keep everyone posted!

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  1. Katie
      / Reply

    Hi ladies!! Would love to try these ENERGYbits!! I’m doing CrossFit 4-5x a week and I bet those would be a huge benefit! I’m also doing the Whole Life Challenge and I’m on day 15 of clean eating!
    Lookin good ladies!! What an inspiration :-)

    1. fourcfitness
        / Reply

      Hi Katie!

      Sounds like you’re on an exciting journey!! Congrats on your clean eating challenge, keep it going!! We’re enjoying day 23 of Whole30! You’re just as much an inspiration to us so thank you for that and thanks for checking out the post on ENERGYbits and stay tuned to see if you’re a winner!

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