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First Hand Back to Basics

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Back to Basics

With all abundance of fitness programs, workouts, training, offers and trends in the world there comes a time where you have to refocus, regroup and reevaluate your fitness.  We can all go hard, but sometimes only for so long.  It could be that your intense workouts just aren’t giving you what you need, it could be that you’ve injured yourself or it could be that you’ve come down with a health issue.  There’s nothing wrong with bringing fitness back to the basics.  Most of us who began a weight loss journey started simple. A walk on the treadmill.  A 20 minute run.  All just a few times a week.  Maybe you included some basic circuit training in between. Regardless, you saw results right? And this motivated you to keep going, correct?  Our bodies need constant change and that doesn’t always mean for the increase in intensity but sometimes the opposite.

Basics different for everyone – basics for us was cardio machines and weight circuit at the gym.  High intensity interval training is great and effective, but if you have a condition that prohibits you from partaking in those activities, it can be frustrating to know that you can’t participate in those types of workouts.  A simple routine can be just as effective – some even say that it’s better to not stress your body and take a break from “killing” it every so often.

The key is to not let it get you down and out, to keep on moving and realize that what you did before will work again, especially if you have come as far as we have.  There comes a time when pressing the brakes a little can actually be more beneficial.  Stressing yourself, not sleeping enough, working out too hard and not eating enough can all raise stress hormones in your body and actually prevent you from seeing results.  There is a happy medium that we all have to find.

It’s about finding your sweet spot, as we are all different.  In the past 3 weeks since we have been in the gym doing weights and cardio with a clean diet, we have seen better results then we had been seeing for months fitting in high intensity interval workouts when we had time.  We are building our endurance and strength and when we are ready to tackle HIIT again, we will be even better then we were before.

The takeaway?  Listen to your body, period the end.  If something does not feel right, stop.  We are not talking about soreness or a little tiredness, we all know our bodies and when enough is enough.  There’s nothing wrong with taking that cue and jumping on a simple weight machine or treadmill, it’s the difference between hurting yourself further or keeping yourself in the best shape you can without injury!

FourC Fitness’ Tips:

1. Keep it simple
2. Tell your trainer your goals/what you are feeling
3. See a doctor
4. Do your research
5. Walk, bike, play, be active
6. Weight circuit machines at gym
7. Simple body weight exercises at home – use something like the inMotion App (Check out our past blogs about it!)
8. Keep it exciting with music
9. Set distance goals for a short amount of time so you push yourself
10. Change it up, switch machines if you get too bored
11. Keep it steady, dare yourself to do 1 thing for 30 minutes and note how your body feels
12 .Challenge yourself to try something different like incline

Get Fit With Alan or NYC Boot Camps!

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Alan offers so much more than just his boot camp – check out the below on how you can find ways to get fit!

One-on-One Personal Training

Get a customized workout tailored to your needs at the convenience of your home, office, park or gym.

A professional certified trainer designs each session based on your needs and goals.  The individualized attention keeps you motivated and on track in achieving the body you want.  Prices vary on location and travel time.

This package includes free customized strength and cardio workouts that you can take with you to the gym, at home or traveling.

Weight Loss Fitness Boot Camps presented by

BootCamp Image 1

Cancel your gym membership and jump start your weight loss journey with NYC Boot Camps.

Training with a group is motivating and fun as you all work towards leaner, fitter bodies. Best of all, you’ll have a blast while you’re losing weight! Our boot camps are fun, exciting, and energizing… and guaranteed to give you results!

Membership includes free customized meal plans with your membership.

21-Day Rapid Weight Loss Boot Camp

BootCamp Image 2

That really important date is right around the corner and you have to look your best for it.

Sign up to transform your body in only 21 Days for a particular event or occasion. Lose between 5 to 10 pounds every 4 weeks!

When time is of the essence and you’re under time constraints to get in shape, then this is the perfect for you.

911 Weight Loss Boot Camp

BootCamp Image 3

Lose 91 pounds in 91 days!

This boot camp is for plus-sized individuals looking to get rid of the weight once and for all. We’re only looking to work with those who are seriously committed towards changing their lives. Free meal plans and nutritional seminars are included with your membership. Serious inquiries only.


Strengthen the muscles needed for labor, pregnancy and delivery. Then get rid of that belly once and for all.

Improve your recovery process, your strength and flexibility.

Our pregnancy workouts are safe, effective and fun… and guarantee that you’ll lose all the weight you put on.

Bridal Boot Camp

You’re big day is coming up– don’t you dare walk down that aisle without getting ready for it!

Get yourself and your entire bridal party ready for the most important day of your life. Lose weight and tone up all areas of your body that your wedding dress exposes. Photos and videos are forever! This is the one time you really want to look your best.

Online Personal Training

All you need is a computer, webcam and high speed Internet access to get the body you always wanted.

Train with me online with LIVE video streaming and video conferences. Use whatever exercise equipment you have in your office or at home and train remotely.  What if your computer isn’t always handy? We can also design a customized workout you can do at home or at your gym. Just print it out and you’re good to go.

To keep you motivated and your workout interesting, we’ll update your workout every 2 to 3 weeks.

NYC Boot Camp Info

BootCamp Image 6

Here’s how it works:

Our NYC Boot Camp trainees meet with us either 3 or 5 times a week for one hour a day. We might work outside in a park using the environment (weather permitting), or inside at the gym. Either way, you’ll have a blast during those 60 minutes, sustained energy throughout the day… and, yes, you will see results!

In New York City, a good personal trainer will charge between $100 to $150 dollars per hour for their services!! For less than a fraction of the original cost of personal training you’re only investing between $15 to $20 dollars per session, and getting the best full body workout you can get for a full hour. That comes out to just $6.67 a day. We are so confident in our personal training services that…

I Personally Guarantee To Refund ALL Your Money Back In Full, if you do not get any results within the first 30 days. No question asked. No hard feelings.

Will post video to see boot camp in action on our blog:

Sign Up!

You can try out our boot camp program One Day… FREE!

You’re not obligated to continue with us if you’re not happy with our services. You can simply walk away and try something else. Being that this is a special promotion and our spaces are limited, please call us today to reserve your spot before all the spots are taken. They usually run out by 2nd week of the month.


We CANNOT guarantee your spot until you speak with one of our professional trainers for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation. This consultation will help us assess your needs and goals so we can successfully deliver you across the finish line.

Contact Info 

Boot Camp Contact Info 1

Want to contact Alan and learn more about NYC Boot Camps?  Go to and for more health and exercise tips feel free to visit Alan’s blog at  NYC Personal Trainer Alan Gives You Weight Loss Secrets and Nutrition Advice!  While you’re there, sign up for his free monthly newsletter or you can always read his latest posts on Facebook and Instagram to keep fitness and health fresh on your mind.

Boot Camp Contact Info 2

Follow along while watching Alan on our Episode to learn more about him and whats next for NYC Boot Camps!


What motivated you to become a phys ed teacher?

How long were you a phys ed teacher before you started personal training?

What motivated you to move from personal training to boot camps?

What kind of results have you seen with clients?

What was your most difficult client and how did you see them grow, change and succeed?

What is a common quality of someone who is successful at weight loss?

What kind of training packages/plans do you offer?

What method do you use to come up with your boot camp workouts?

How do you handle those with injuries?

What is your main client demographic, is there a good mix of men and women from all levels of fitness?

Many of our followers have a hard time finding time for health and fitness, can you offer any advice for them or tips that you have seen work for your clients?

We see that if you sign up now part of the package includes a detox and meal plan. Do you work with a nutritionist and do your clients have access to this nutritionist to reach additional goals?

What’s next for NYC Boot Camps?

What is inMOTION, Q&A, Promo Codes & More!

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4 - App - 1408 inMOTION Crab Kick


Mobile exercise programs are here to stay but 99% of them present canned programs that use video content and loud music to get you moving. inMOTION is unique each time you use it and you control the settings: time, difficulty, and purpose. Plus we focus on the quality of YOUR movement, and this high quality of instruction is why your 10 min routine is as effective as a 25-30 typical routine. And you can do it ANYWHERE!

Want to hear first hand from Kim about inSHAPE and inMOTION?  Check out the actual episode and follow along with the Q&A posted here!  And don’t stop there! Check out the promo codes further into this post!


What got you into the fitness community?

Tell us more about the team you have working with you now?

What kind of results have you seen with clients?

Where did the inspiration come for the inMOTION app?

Are there any extras associated with signing up for the app?

Can you walk us through the app and the photos that you have provided?

What kind of training packages/inMOTION plans do you offer?

What other fitness events has inSHAPE been a part of around NYC?

Tell us more about the Jack Rabbit series and how people can come out for one of these workouts.

As a busy Mom yourself, share with our followers how you keep healthy while juggling a career and a family!

Many of our followers have a hard time finding time for health and fitness, can you offer any advice for them or tips that you have seen work for your clients?

What is your main client demographic?

How do you address clients who may work off the app but have concerns about past or present injuries?

What’s next for inSHAPE and inMOTION?

Sign Up!

We have two great offers for the listeners/friends of FourC Fitness:

75% OFF inMOTION Customized Workouts (inmo2014)

What do you do when you don’t have time for the gym? Skip it, right? inMOTION is your key to skipping the gym without the guilt. You set the number of minutes, the difficulty level, and the functional focus, and like a Pandora for exercise, inMOTION streams your unique personal session. For less than $2.00 a month, you get full access with this code: inmo2014, so sign up today! Click here to set up your account now:

40% OFF any personal training offer (4CFit – promo code)

We know that we can help you set the right goals and guide you through the right workouts that will motivate and maneuver your body into the results that you desire. And it doesn’t have to break your bank or commit you to a life-long trainer-client relationship (though we have some clients who have been with us for more than 10 years so we love that too :). Click here for the storefront and check out the various options – and with this promo code: 4CFit you will get 40% anything in the store. Packages start at $180.00

If you live outside of Manhattan, we train via Skype (about a quarter of our business is conducted this way and it’s very effective).

Contact Info

Contact Info

- Want to contact Kim and learn even more about inSHAPE?  Go to and we will post all of the information on our website plus check out  for the two special deals to try inSHAPE for yourself!  Go directly to to sign up for the new app with the promo code inmo2014 or 4CFit or contact Kim at!

One Year Passed

Episode 1 - 7/2/13

So one year has gone by and here we are with our First Anniversary Show!

We’ve been training with Jenel Stevens as you’ve seen on our past blogs.  We are in a bit of a transition because we need to find more time in the afternoon for things like FourC and other personal stuff so we really need to commit to morning workouts!

In reflection of this year, we’ve come to realize a few things:

It is important to recognize growth on your journey.  It is also important to know when it’s necessary to make a shift in a new direction.  We have grown this year, but we’ve also settled more into our new lifestyle and our new bodies.  We don’t obsess over the scale the way we used to, we don’t obsess over our workouts – we try to keep a healthy balance.

But at the same time we recognize when we need to kick things up and we have learned that consistency is key.  Stopping and starting gets you no where, this is something we continue to recognize on our path to our goals.

Many might think it’s weird that we still have goals, but we think that’s what life is all about, setting goals and accomplishing things, it’s my opinion that the minute you become complacent you give up or stop growing.  What’s life without constantly trying to better yourself & your lot in life?

We started the show to help others and we hope we have been able to do that in our first year.  We plan to continue to help others while branching out and growing in new directions.

It’s not always about “weight loss” or the scale, it’s not about working out 24/7.  It’s about loving yourself enough to be healthy for yourself and your family.  To live a long and happy life, to find what it is that makes you happy and to enjoy that to the fullest.

A big thing we have learned this year is that special occasions are just that, special occasions – we have grown to not “cheat” just because it’s the weekend.  I am sure we will continue to grow and learn more this year and we thank you all for being on this journey with us!

We watched back our first show and we notice a few things that are the same and a few things that have changed!

On the first show:

Lisa was yelling into the microphone
We were cross fitting
We were eating Paleo
We struggled with early morning workouts
We preached finding what works for you
We were not runners but we were gearing up for the Color Run in Brooklyn
Our workout recovery was sweet potatoes

FourC Fitness Now:

Still eating Paleo and have successfully completed two Whole30’s

Still struggling to wake up for AM workouts but will not give up

Personally grown to know what works and what doesn’t work for us both exercise wise and eating wise.

We have met so many amazing people, guests and non-guests in the fitness community and those needing inspiration and guidance.

Our amazing past guests have included:

- Our first guest was Jenel Stevens, who has now been our personal trainer and has become a good friend.

-JoAnne Romanelli taught us more about Creating Energy and the self help we can use along with natural products to help with our energy levels!

- Christina Vircillo, Fitness Enthusiast and Mom joined us for show, Commit, part of the “FourC Series” shows.  She shared with us how to make time for fitness on top of being a small business owner and busy mom!

Dasha Libin, she presented us with Body Series DVDs, and we had a massive Q&A fill with great tips!

Tea Green of Tea Rex Paleo Cookies came to talk more about Paleo & Crossfit.

Jeannine Andre-Burns, MS, CNS taught us all about Diabetes.

Scott Dean of Custom Fit Meals talked all about how the body works and how Custom Fit Meals can help you attain your goals.

Founders of Qinetic helped us out on our Resolutions episode

Michele Gordon, Miss Motivational provided us with some Quick Fitness tips and of course, tons of motivation!

Founders of Sportsetter introduced their newly launched App that assists in trying new fitness around the city and living a Multi Sport Lifestyle

Founders of OakPoint Health & Vitality came to teach us more about Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.

Rebecca Golian of Vemma introduced us to VEMMA products and how they can aide in your active lifestyle

Julia & Kayte of Average2Athlete discussed their CMC experience and training.

Kenny Pena of Pena’s Fitness Method brought to light the importance of Fitness for Survival

Team MissFits/P.E.P.P.E.R taught us what goes in to Competition Training and how you can become a member of Team MissFits whether it be for personal goals or competing!

Upcoming shows:

Kim Watkins of inSHAPE Fitness
Julia Dalton-Brush from  FitJourney
Alan Courtenay, Personal Trainer and CEO of NYC Boot Camps
Kettlebell Kickboxing introducing the 7 Day Lean program
Linda, Breast Cancer Survivor and Fitness Enthusiast

Upcoming events:

Video Vignettes
Civilian Military Combine Race
City Challenge Race
Quest/Fitness Transformations
Networking and taking up invites to try new workouts around the city!

Episode 36: Team MissFits & PEPPER

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Team MissFits

We learned a lot from Alex and Sarah from Team MissFits and we hope to participate in a training program with them soon! If you’re interested in a training opportunity that is fully customized and non-stop support you might want to check them out! For more info, watch the episode and follow along the Q&A here! And see their contact info below!

Have you both been with MissFits since inception?

What was the motivation behind starting Team MissFits?

Tell us about the very first meeting of Team MissFits.

How many competitors have you grown to today?

What is a program like with Team MissFits?

What would you say is the level of commitment one needs to see results?

Do you train strictly for competition or would someone who wants to see extreme results fit in?

What kind of personalized training does a client receive?

How accessible is it – what if someone is not in the NYC area but wants to train with you?

Tell us about the success of your MissFit competitors!

Have you seen anyone go from over weight to competing on your team?

Competing must be really motivational for your clients, do you find that even those who didn’t intend to compete in the first place end up going for it once they get started?

Is the diet and exercise plan for competition prep safe, or is this something you recommend as a temporary routine?

How did PEPPER get started?

What is the typical method/structure of training for a PEPPER client?

How do you balance PEPPER and the Team?

What does your own training look like?

What advice would you have for someone who lives a really hectic lifestyle and finds they have a hard time fitting in exercise?

M – What’s next for Team MissFits and PEPPER?

For more info or to sign up go to or or email Alex at or!

Kenny Pena & Fitness for Survival

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Pena’s Fitness Method Studio has been open since December of 2006. I have been teaching and training since 1989. My style is a combination of my life experience as a swimmer, kickboxer, tri athlete and weightlifter. I have taught and created group classes over the last 16yrs from swim, spin, bootcamps, Suspension, kickboxing and now INSANITY.

His specialty is helping is clients drop 20lbs-40lbs quickly!

With over a 1000 one-on-one training clients trained I have had the opportunity to train and improve the lives of:
•Children and young Adults with Special Needs
•Wedding preparation

Kenny, along with his amazing workout and training spirit, inspired us with his view on fitness that has changed the way we workout.

Living and working in The Rockaways, Kenny saw and heard a lot of stories during and after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. A lot that was not televised on the news and these experiences, surviving the hurricane, are what brought us to the importance of Fitness for Survival.

You can check out Kenny’s view on Fitness for Survival plus the entire Q&A below on the YouTube version of this episode!

Q&A – Michelle & Lisa

M – Why did you want to become a trainer?

L – Where did you get your background in fitness?

M – How did you find yourself at St. Barts?

L – Is your client base mixed or predominantly male or predominantly female/young or old?

M – Tell us more about the philosophies of Pena’s Fitness Method and your training structure.

L – Where do you see Pena’s Fitness Method going in the next 5 years?

M – What is one of your proudest moments as a trainer?

L – We’ve seen one of your success stories first hand when we went to visit you at St. Barts, what do you think is the key to that success?

M – We noticed on your website that you have a 90 days challenge, what does this consist of?

L – What are your options for training sessions, insanity workouts and bootcamps?

More about The City Challenge Race with Elvi Guzman

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We were lucky to get more of a look into The City Challenge Race with our Q&A with Elvi Guzman!

Check out the show on our YouTube Channel to see his answers to the questions below!

What inspired you to start up The City Challenge Race?

What makes The City Challenge Race different from other obstacle races?

What was the first race like back in Oct 2013 and how has it evolved since?

We noticed on the website you have training locations for the race.  How recommended is it that people train ahead of time?

Can you recommend a specific training regimen for challengers?

What does a day at The City Challenge race look like?

What advice can you give to a obstacle race beginner?

You have tri-state area races coming up, what is to come for City Challenge in 2015?

As we mentioned, the race benefits the Susan G. Komen of North Jersey. Do you have any special connection to that specific foundation?

What kind of reactions have you had to The City Challenge race?

What are some of the obstacles challengers can expect at the race?  (List/Photos of obstacles)

What if a challenger cannot complete an obstacle?

Do challengers work as a team throughout the race as we sometimes see with other obstacle races?

Tell us about some of the inspiring stories that have come out of City Challenge races!

What would you say to those who are intimidated by obstacle races or feel as though they are only for seasoned athletes?

What is your personal favorite part of the City Challenge?

For more info or to sign up for The City Challenge Race go to!

city challenge contact


How to go from average2athlete!

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What tips can you find on A2A’s blog? Awesome stuff like

Below is our Q&A portion with the ladies of average2athlete! You can see all their answers to these questions on The Show!

How did you two meet and get started on average2athlete?

What is your favorite part about average2athlete?

What do you feel took you from “average” to “athletic”?

What is your motivation/inspiration to stay dedicated to your fitness?

Tell us about the CMC race in the Poconos last weekend!

What is your CMC training regimen like and how do you extend this to your A2A team?

What can an average person expect from a race like the CMC?

Do you still hold bootcamps listed on your website at

How do you make time for your own training around your hectic work schedules at Fhitting Room and Equinox and juggle A2A with all of that? 

Do you incorporate weekly food prep into your busy schedule?

Any advice for people who have a hard time finding time for fitness and healthy meal prep?

Have you seen your followers or clients of yours go from overweight or out of shape to “athletes”?

What is the best piece of advice that you can give to someone who thinks they will never be able to compete in a hard core race or see themselves with muscles or fit?

How can they overcome this mentality & see results?

What has been the hardest thing that you have had to overcome on your journey?

Any advice or thoughts on trouble spots/spot training?

What about women who think they lack upper body strength or who can’t lift heavy weight like men? What has been your personal experience with lifting weight?

What has changed since the start of average2athlete? 

What can we expect from average2athlete this year and where do you see average2athlete going?

Want to contact Julia & Kayte and learn more about A2A?

a2a contact

You can workout with Julia at the Fhitting Room, located on the Upper East Side of NYC. Classes sell out quickly, so sign up today!

You can also work out with Kayte at Equinox UES!

Learn All About VEMMA!

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1-Vemma Logo

What is Vemma?

An international nutritional company founded in 2004 based in Tempe, AZ. Provides 4 main nutritional product lines, all which have been clinically studied and tested and are manufactured in the company’s FDA regulated manufacturing facility in AZ.

2-Vemma Formula



Vemma is a physician formulated daily liquid supplement that nourishes the body’s 63 trillion cells with the optimal supply of phytonutrient-rich mangosteen, 12 full-spectrum vitamins, over 65 plant-sourced minerals, organic decaf finagled green tea and organic glyconutrient-rich aloe.

Below is the Question and Answer portion of the show with Rebecca for you to learn more about VEMMA!

You mentioned mangosteen in the VEMMA acronym, what is mangosteen?

Mangosteen is a rare super-fruit from Southeast Asia and is scientifically known as gracing a mangostana. It’s known as the queen of fruits for its powerful health benefits. Mangosteen contains high levels of Xanthones which is a active phytonutrient with very powerful antioxidant properties that stabilize free-radical cells.

All natural ingredients: no artificial sweeteners, colors or favors. No gluten, no preservatives, no BPA packaging, no soy, non-dairy and no high fructose-corn syrup.

There are a lot of pills, juices, and formulas out there! What sets Vemma apart from the rest?

There isn’t a nutritional product line similar to what Vemma is offering. Companies aren’t required to conduct clinical studies or tests in their products and that what really sets Vemma apart. The Vemma clinical trials were conducted by one of the industry’s most widely recognized experts in clinical studies. Brunswick laboratories based in Massachusetts.

The intention of the studies was the evaluate the efficacy and overall bioavailability of Vemma on immune function and well-being in adults.


A 2 oz. shot of Vemma is about $75 worth of produce!

What did those studies find?

The studies confirmed Vemma showed significant improvements in immune markers, superior antioxidant absorption and a lowering of C-reactive protein. Full studies and results can be found on

With this Vemma formula, the company came up with a series of products that also contain their unique formula.

So we started with the Vemma Formula, what are the other Vemma products?

There is Renew, Verve, bod.e and Next.

Can you tell us more about Vemma Renew?:

4-Vemma Renew

Vemma renew is a Non-carbonated caffeine free fruit flavored nutritional beverage that contains the Vemma formula as well as 20mg of plant-sourced silica which is known to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Renew supports:

Collagen production

Health skin, hair, nails

Anti-aging and immune boosting properties

Detailed information and nutritional facts for Renew can be found on Vemma’s website.

We have tried and love the Verve line since we are always on the go and looking for healthy forms of energy, can you tell us more about Verve?

5-Verve Line


We are very excited about Verve! because energy drinks have become very popular and are expected to generate over $21 billion in annual revenue by 2017.

The issue with today’s popular energy drinks is that they contain harmful ingredients such as aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, high levels of artificial ingredients, preservatives and other harmful chemicals. They aren’t healthy, plain and simple.

Verve is insanely healthy energy. A lightly carbonated energy drink that consists of ultra-purified reverse osmosis water, the Vemma formula, organic green tea, natural caffeine, taurine (amino acid) D-ribose, inositol (AB vitamin) and choline chloride (phospholipid).

What are the Verve options for customers?

There are 7 different Verve products.

We have a Zero-Sugar Formula: 80 mg caffeine using natural sweeteners like stevia.

Standard Verve Energy Drink: 80 mg caffeine

Verve Bold: 120 mg caffeine

ParTea: Organic non-carbonated iced tea with only 40mg caffeine

6-Verve Mojoe

Verve Mojoe:

Premium blend of iced coffee with 80 mg natural caffeine, non-dairy coconut cream, contains the Vemma formula, low sugar, low carb healthy alternative to everyday coffee.

Verve Remix:-

7-Verve Remix

Verve Energy Shot: 2 oz formula with 160mg natural caffeine. Detailed information and nutritional facts for verve can be found on Vemma’s website.

We are excited for you to tell us about bod.e and how it can help those specifically with weight loss goals!

Bod.e is Vemma’s weight management line that was designed and approved by TV celebrity transformation specialists Chris & Heidi Powell. They are best known for their appearances on ABC’s television series, Extreme Weight Loss. They incorporate the Vemma bod.e line with all their clients.

I personally endorse and recommend this line for my fitness clients, whether they wish to lose or maintain their weight. It’s a great tasting and effective weight management line that my clients absolutely love.

When people purchase the bod.e line products they get a personalized weight management program designed by Chris and Heidi Powell. It includes the free award-winning Vemma bod.e app that allows Chris and Heidi to act as your own personal trainers and nutritionists, coaching you every day through your smart-phone.

We love to incorporate shakes into our hectic weeks, what are the bod.e shakes

9-bod.e shake

Vemma formulated nutrient-dense meal replacement shake. Comes in vanilla or chocolate. 16 grams protein, 7 grams fiber, 24 grams carbohydrates, and 690 milligrams omega-3 fatty acids.

What are the benefits of bod.e burn? 


10-bod.e burn

A first of its kind ingredient combination that keeps your body in high gear by enhancing it’s burn potential, curbing your appetite, increasing your energy and delivering the nutritional support you need. Comes in a lightly carbonated beverage or a 3oz concentrate that you can mix with water. It also comes with a zero-caffeine formula.

What sets bod.e cleanse apart from other cleanses? 

11-bod.e cleanse

Gentle and effective cleanse that detoxifies and removes impurities in your body and helps support liver and digestive function. The 2 oz concentrate is mixed with 12 fl oz of water.

Our interest was piqued when you told us about bod.e rest – can you explain more about this innovative product? 


12-bod.e rest

Same effects of bod.e burn minus the caffeine as well as other signature ingredients that have restorative processes that help you continue to burn and maintain healthy functions even while sleeping. 

How can athletes use bod.e thirst to recharge from activity?

13-bod.e thirst

A 3 oz electrolyte and amino acid concentrate that is mixed with water to provide a healthy, hydrating beverage to support your body before, during and after exercise.

Vemma NEXT.

We’ve heard that Vemma does not just target adults, how can parents benefit from giving Vemma NEXT to their children and what exactly is Vemma NEXT?: 

14-Vemma Next

Physician-formulated liquid nutritional supplement for children ages 2-12. This daily supplement contains 1oz of the Vemma formula along with 1oz of an enhanced nutrient blend of vegetarian sourced DHA, 14 fruit and vegetable extracts, antioxidant quercetin and B-complex vitamin choline. It’s a tasty creamy orange flavor that kids love.

Are there any perks as a Vemma customer?

Yes! When you sign up as a Vemma customer you receive a free online office with all your account information. You can place orders, track orders, receive updates on new products amongst other things. Vemma also offers a great customer loyalty program which gives customers a free personalized Vemma website where they can refer people who are interested in purchasing the products. As a customer you accumulate points with every person who purchases via your website and you will receive free product as the company’s way of thanking you for your recommendations and referrals. Customers are also given the opportunity to become brand partners with Vemma which we will discuss next.

How do you fit Vemma into your active lifestyle?

I use the bod.e shakes in the mornings and when I’m on the go. Sometimes I don’t feel like eating in the morning and that’s the most important meal of the day. I also don’t want to eat out, as many options aren’t healthy, so I pack up a shake for lunch or a mid-day snack when I’m really busy.

I also use the bod.e burn quite often, especially after an intense workout, the 20g protein and amino acid complex helps my body recover from intense training.

I use the energy drinks when I need a pickup, my favorite it the Verve Bold and the new Verve Remix, they have different energy levels so it all depends on what best fits your body and lifestyle.

I always have a bottle of the Vemma formula around incase I didn’t get a shake so that I always get my daily dose of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants.

I’m not a huge coffee drinker but occasionally an iced coffee just sounds so amazing! Instead of spending a lot of money at coffee shop and drinking something that contains a lot of calories and sugars, the Verve Mojoe is the healthy and great tasting alternative. As I mentioned it’s also non-dairy and is low calorie and low sugar.

Can you tell us about how others can get involved with business opportunity’s with Vemma?

What is also unique about Vemma was their choice to become an affiliate based marketing company. This simply means that instead of spending millions of dollars on traditional advertising strategies they pay brand partners like myself to promote their products and business opportunity via word-of-mouth advertising.

This creates a more personalized experience with our customers, we do not use traditional sales tactics, we really like to build personal relationships with our customers and our fellow brand partners.

As brand partners we work on teams and help each other build the Vemma brand. It’s a great way to meet tons of people around the world. It’s also a great networking tool for people interested in promoting themselves or their business. I work with many professional trainers, athletes, nutritionists, doctors, health coaches, life coaches, estheticians so on and so forth, but

I also have many college students, mothers, fathers, family members, friends and coworkers that have also decided to become Vemma brand partners as a way to get free products and build both immediate and long-term residual income.

Affiliate marketing is the next shift in company and product promotion and it’s the second largest industry generating over 168 billion dollars annually. Vemma has a unique and generous compensation plan and provides many opportunities for brand partners to personally develop themselves and their businesses. We work on teams and we feel a sense of belonging with the company. We act as a family and that is a very unique aspect of working with Vemma.

As the lead brand partner for this area I’m working hard to build a team of motivated individuals to help promote this company. Vemma is expected to do over $1 billion in sales worldwide within the next 24-36 months and now is a perfect time to great involved. NYC is untouched territory

for the company and it’s my responsibility as a brand partner and team leader to connect with as many people as I can. I will be hosting weekly meeting throughout the city for people who may be interested in learning more about the business or products. I encourage anyone who might be interested in this opportunity to email me!

Interested in VEMMA?

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Tips to Create a Solid Foundation

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You may be saying, great guys – I get it – but how do I get a strong foundation? First
and foremost, we do truly recommend working out with a trainer if you can. We know,
trainers can be expensive. But if you are going to make your health a priority and make a serious change, it’s a smart investment to make. Michelle hopes to begin training clients in June and she aims to keep her rates fair for all budgets.

If you are joining a new gym, many offer 1-2 free personal training sessions with your new membership. We recommend that you take this free session and if you feel as though you can’t afford additional sessions, make the most of that first and second (if offered) session and let the trainer know that you really want to start with a solid foundation and you can’t afford additional sessions at this time.

If personal training is completely out for you – try to do your research to truly find at home or group fitness classes that focus on movement, balance, stability, stretch and functional movement. You can make your own routine if need be – just keep in mind the importance of starting off with the basics and sticking with it for a 1-2 months before you move on to the next level.

Speaking of sticking with it – Jenel recommended that we stick to one program for at least 6 weeks – even if we don’t see immediate or quick results, she encouraged us to stick to it. If you are starting a program to build a foundation, realize it will take time for your body to adapt to the movements and gain strength to move things forward.

New and Revised Foundation Training Exercises Add Even Greater Health Benefits

Many of us who sit all day often develop Upper Crossed Syndrome.  Find out more about UCS and Lower Crossed Syndrome and why its important to correct these issues to build a strong foundation!

Upper Crossed Syndrome

Lower Crossed Syndrome 

What will it take from you to build a strong foundation? Max Sports and Fitness gives us 5 Elements Required to Build Fitness Foundation

TRX is a known core workout which can help build a strong foundation! Check out more on it here: Core Fitness with TRX

Interested in taking up Yoga? Check out this article which can help you prepare! Prep for Yoga with Core-Strengthening Moves


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