Exercise Excitement

Info/links about the monthly exercise calendar discussed on our weekly shows!

Exercise Excitement

Before we left for vacation we were lucky enough to get into one of Michele Gordon, aka Miss Motivational’s, VBarre classes down at Reebok FitHub which was hosted by UrbanGirlSquad!  We are hoping to get to a cycling class with Michele soon!

For now we are back to routine with our CycleOps, Kettlebell Kickboxing and gearing up to try some new classes!

Also on the forefront is the KB “Love Your Jeans” Challenge! Check out the link for more details!

And Happy March! Here is the newest ShrinkingJeans.net monthly challenge!

10K a Day Plus – Shrinking Jeans March

We will definitely be trying out our guest, Michele Gordon’s, “Dorm Room Workouts” that ANYONE can do! Circuits of body weight moves that you can do at home or in the gym in 5 minutes separately or put all together for a 45-60 minute workout! Check them out below:

Warm up

Aim to do 8-16 repetitions of each move!

Pre Party Pump #1
Raise The Roof
Sumo Squat
Push up with side plank rotation
Fit Pump (alternate arms)
Curtsy Squats

Pre Party Pump #2
Push Away Pumps
Hinge Lunge
Plank + Hip Drop side to side
Glute Bridge

Food Shopping, In the Kitchen, Dorm Room, In the Library, ANYWHERE:

Woodchop – Right
Woodchop – Left
Speed Skaters
Partner Push Ups (or push ups against a table/shopping cart)

Lunge and Row with water bottle
Knee Repeater (8-16 repetitions)
Partner Abs:
Partner A does 10-15 sit ups as Partner B does 10-15 leg raises. Partner B holds Partner A at the ankles & switch
Squat thruster into a jump turn!

X Jumps
Side Lunge + Single Arm Shoulder Press Right
Side Lunge + Single Arm Shoulder Press Left

Partner Abs:
Partner A goes into a plank position and holds Partner B’s ankles. Partner B completes 10-15 sit ups.

~Michele Gordon
Miss Motivational

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