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Exercise Excitement – City Challenge

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We have been in an awesome workout groove with our sessions with Jenel of Prowess
Private Training, Kettlebell Kickboxing classes and Spin classes.

We finally had our 5 week measurements and body fat percentage results with Jenel! We both had a 2% body fat loss and lost inches all around!

Elvi’s workouts are running and calisthenics.  He does some weights but light weight with high reps.

What gets a2a Pumped?

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Exercise Excitement

FourC Fitness had an awesome workout last week with Kenny from Pena’s Fitness Method, he will be on our show on June 17th!!

Our guests, Julia and Kayte of average2athlete shared with us some of their favorite workout exercises:

-Single leg dead lifts or some combination of them

More generally, from Kayte:

“I love metcons! Anything that is fast moving, gets the heart rate up, keeps me breathing heavy AND is over quickly is right up my alley :). It’s a bonus if I can measures my results and compete against myself!”

Metcons is short for metabolic conditioning, i.e. cardiovascular conditioning or “aerobic” conditioning.

Want to workout like average2athlete? Check out their awesome workouts on their blog!

What Gets Rebecca Fit

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We have to get running AND get in some spin classes! Most of all though, we love our training sessions with Jenel of Prowess Private Training!

Our guest, Rebecca Golian’s favorite workout are the Boxing/MMA Training classes down at Punch Fitness Center!

We also asked Rebecca her favorite workout to instruct:

My training is very focused on functional fitness and using your own bodyweight throughout the workouts. Sitting on machines that only isolate one muscle isn’t necessarily the best way to achieve total body fitness. Most people lack cardiovascular endurance and I believe circuit training is the best way to help people improve their CV endurance and strength.

Spring Softball, Cycling and more!

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Stop Thinking

So we’re back in the routine which is a mix between our at-home workouts of the CycleOPS, tabata’s and ShrinkingJeans.net challenges along with hitting our weekly Kettlebell Kickboxing classes!

We are very excited to hit Miss Motivational’s spin class this coming Thursday!

Even bigger news, Michelle has joined a softball league for the sping! She’ll be playing Monday nights and incorporating that into her exercise routine!

Its very important in order to keep things fresh and new to add variety to your weekly workouts! Find what interests you and get out there and go!


Exercise Excitement

Before we left for vacation we were lucky enough to get into one of Michele Gordon, aka Miss Motivational’s, VBarre classes down at Reebok FitHub which was hosted by UrbanGirlSquad!  We are hoping to get to a cycling class with Michele soon!

For now we are back to routine with our CycleOps, Kettlebell Kickboxing and gearing up to try some new classes!

Also on the forefront is the KB “Love Your Jeans” Challenge! Check out the link for more details!

And Happy March! Here is the newest ShrinkingJeans.net monthly challenge!

10K a Day Plus – Shrinking Jeans March

We will definitely be trying out our guest, Michele Gordon’s, “Dorm Room Workouts” that ANYONE can do! Circuits of body weight moves that you can do at home or in the gym in 5 minutes separately or put all together for a 45-60 minute workout! Check them out below:

Warm up

Aim to do 8-16 repetitions of each move!

Pre Party Pump #1
Raise The Roof
Sumo Squat
Push up with side plank rotation
Fit Pump (alternate arms)
Curtsy Squats

Pre Party Pump #2
Push Away Pumps
Hinge Lunge
Plank + Hip Drop side to side
Glute Bridge

Food Shopping, In the Kitchen, Dorm Room, In the Library, ANYWHERE:

Woodchop – Right
Woodchop – Left
Speed Skaters
Partner Push Ups (or push ups against a table/shopping cart)

Lunge and Row with water bottle
Knee Repeater (8-16 repetitions)
Partner Abs:
Partner A does 10-15 sit ups as Partner B does 10-15 leg raises. Partner B holds Partner A at the ankles & switch
Squat thruster into a jump turn!

X Jumps
Side Lunge + Single Arm Shoulder Press Right
Side Lunge + Single Arm Shoulder Press Left

Partner Abs:
Partner A goes into a plank position and holds Partner B’s ankles. Partner B completes 10-15 sit ups.

~Michele Gordon
Miss Motivational

New February Workouts!

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This month we’ll be heading down to two of Miss Motivational, Michele Gordon’s, fitness classes!   One cycling class at New York Sports Club and the other is a new event she introduced us to called Barre Bootcamp!

Barre Class

The advertisements states: This popular class alternates cardio and agility drills, borrowing from ballet, yoga, pilates and resistance training for one kick-butt workout. After 60 invigorating–and sometimes hilarious–minutes you’ll emerge a little stronger, longer, leaner and more flexible than before.

Well we’re getting psyched for this and we’ll be sure to report back on it once we’ve completed it!

There’s still spots left in the last class of the month! Check it out HERE!


Greatist Tabata Routine

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Tabata Pro APp
In our “Exercise Excitement” for the week we introduced a fantastic Tabata routine created by Chris Freytag for Greatist!

According to the article, “This week is all about high intensity interval training.
The key to HIIT training that makes it different than basic intervals is that the high intensity intervals involve maximum effort, not just a higher heart rate — So you really have to push yourself to the max during the work portion! My absolute favorite type of HIIT is Tabata Training.

A Tabata workout consists of eight cycles of 20 seconds of all-out effort, followed by 10 seconds of recovery, totaling 4 minutes. During the 20-seconds of work, try for as many reps as you can do without compromising form or range of motion. Take 1 minute of rest between each 4 minute Tabata. With the warm-up and cool-down, each workout is less than 30 minutes long.”

They also suggest using the Tabata Pro App for your iPhone or iPad. The app is only $2.99 and will help you easily keep track of your Tabata time so that you can focus on your workout!

Check out Greatist for the full routine and other great health and wellness tips!

Its not all about being fit…

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The article on the magazine rack this week is from Fitness Magazine back from October. When we were planning for this show I wanted to choose an article that meant something. And then I thought of how we had read this a few months back.

The process of weight loss and staying fit is not just about fitness, it should be about overall health. That means taking aches and pains seriously.

This article is about a pro-runner who was in the best shape of her life but she was not well and put off aches and pains until things got scary.  She then found out that a blood clot had formed in her leg and traveled to her lung, putting her in a life threatening situation.

Check out the article entitled Outrun Danger: Why Fit Women Get Blood Clots and be aware of warning signs of blood clots which can help save your life!

CycleOps, 31 Days of Burpees and more!

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CycleOps Trainer

This week’s exercise excitement is all about the CycleOps Virtual Bike Trainer that we were so lucky to be gifted from the company to try out and share with you all!

So we were finally able to get it into the trainer and we’ve downloaded our first route! A San Francisco Tour!

CycleOps Route

This weekend we hope to share our first ride with you and more going forward!

Also on the exercise excitement for this month is ShrinkingJeans.net’s 31 Days of Burpees! That’s right! Burpees all December long!

In addition to the monthly themed workout from ShrinkingJeans they also have the O’Fitness Tree! Which is 25 days of fitness.  Each day you exercise you should put on a little sticker on the day and decorate your fitness tree!

Its a tough time of year to stay focused but try your best!

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