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PINKtober’s Exercise Excitement

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Lisa has been given the okay to kick it up a notch, going to start training and running with Michelle & Co.  Just signed up for our first 10K later in October!

Team MissFits Training in full effect!  Modified for now due to ankle sprain, can only do upper body/core work, will be back to some cardio as per doctor’s okay today and back to running starting in PT tomorrow!  Will try a long run and leg workout later next week!

Linda’s exercise of choice are bootcamps and kickboxing! Check out more of that on this Episode! 

Eat Tribal Exercise Excitement

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We’ve been really excited because Team MissFits Training is in full effect! Its been modified for now due to Michelle’s ankle sprain, so she can only do upper body/core work, but she will be back to cardio and running as soon as doctor and Physical Therapist gives the okay!

Lisa has been given the okay to kick it up a notch, going to start training and running with Michelle & Co. We just signed up for our first 10K later in October!

We joined up with Nicole Spano who was on our show and her running friends in Hoboken last Thursday.  We were up at 3:30am to make the journey, had an amazing 5 mile accomplishment. We will be joining them biweekly and attending race events with them!

Edlin is a big fan of MovNat – the hippy version of CrossFit.  He also started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a few months ago and absolutely loves it.

What is a Bosu?

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Michelle’s Team MissFits Training in full effect!  She just received new routine for the next 6­-8 weeks!  Mon-Sat, 4 days of weights, 5 days of cardio, 1 day of circuit and can now add running!  Her run last night & 5am gym today was a success!

Lisa has gone back to basics & is seeing great results!

Nicole enjoys hill and speed workouts in addition to workouts with props (foam roller & Bosu) – versatility of incorporating weights, cardio, etc is important and keeping it fun!

And if you don’t know what a Bosu is, this is an image of a Bosu.


Keeping it Exciting!

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BootCamp Image 6

Michelle’s Team MissFits Training in full effect!  She’s been working out Monday through Saturday, 5 days of weights, 5 days of cardio, 1 day of circuit!  5am today was a success!

Lisa has gone back to basics, will be our topic for next week!

Alan says “We love to do circuit training and interactive exercises. We also like to bounce around to different areas of the park to keep it interesting. We also like to throw in fitness games to keep it fun.”

Get inSHAPE with this Exercise Excitement!

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This is a pivotal week for us! Our training sessions ended and we rejoined our local gym! we are transitioning to training for races and aesthetics (for upcoming weddings galore!)  We still need more time in the PM so we need to really commit to AM workouts!

Its the beginning of the month so that means a Skinnyjeans.net challenge!  This month is the 31 Day Ab Challenge! (Pictured above!)

August Shrinking Jeans Ab Challenge

Kim shared with us some of her favorite exercise: Concentrated Isometrics – the term that we give to moves that serve two significant purposes. The first is that during fitness routines, most people spend their time in mental la-la land. Whether they are on the elliptical watching the news, chatting up their buddy in a boot camp, or confessing their nutritional sins to their personal trainer, focus on movement is often the last thing on a person’t mind. By reminding clients to isometrically contract small muscles, the workout recruits more muscles and therefore burns more calories. Best example: Kegels :)

The second purpose they serve is even more important. Most people only exercise a couple of times a week, which is WAY less than is needed for overall bodily health and weight management. By practicing concentrated isometrics during “non-fitness” times of the day, one can learn how to boost daily energy levels and one’s resting metabolic rate. Kegels are the best example we use, but this includes ab contractions, glutes, gripping the floor with one’s toes, making one’s legs tree trunks.

One Year Passed

Episode 1 - 7/2/13

So one year has gone by and here we are with our First Anniversary Show!

We’ve been training with Jenel Stevens as you’ve seen on our past blogs.  We are in a bit of a transition because we need to find more time in the afternoon for things like FourC and other personal stuff so we really need to commit to morning workouts!

In reflection of this year, we’ve come to realize a few things:

It is important to recognize growth on your journey.  It is also important to know when it’s necessary to make a shift in a new direction.  We have grown this year, but we’ve also settled more into our new lifestyle and our new bodies.  We don’t obsess over the scale the way we used to, we don’t obsess over our workouts – we try to keep a healthy balance.

But at the same time we recognize when we need to kick things up and we have learned that consistency is key.  Stopping and starting gets you no where, this is something we continue to recognize on our path to our goals.

Many might think it’s weird that we still have goals, but we think that’s what life is all about, setting goals and accomplishing things, it’s my opinion that the minute you become complacent you give up or stop growing.  What’s life without constantly trying to better yourself & your lot in life?

We started the show to help others and we hope we have been able to do that in our first year.  We plan to continue to help others while branching out and growing in new directions.

It’s not always about “weight loss” or the scale, it’s not about working out 24/7.  It’s about loving yourself enough to be healthy for yourself and your family.  To live a long and happy life, to find what it is that makes you happy and to enjoy that to the fullest.

A big thing we have learned this year is that special occasions are just that, special occasions – we have grown to not “cheat” just because it’s the weekend.  I am sure we will continue to grow and learn more this year and we thank you all for being on this journey with us!

We watched back our first show and we notice a few things that are the same and a few things that have changed!

On the first show:

Lisa was yelling into the microphone
We were cross fitting
We were eating Paleo
We struggled with early morning workouts
We preached finding what works for you
We were not runners but we were gearing up for the Color Run in Brooklyn
Our workout recovery was sweet potatoes

FourC Fitness Now:

Still eating Paleo and have successfully completed two Whole30’s

Still struggling to wake up for AM workouts but will not give up

Personally grown to know what works and what doesn’t work for us both exercise wise and eating wise.

We have met so many amazing people, guests and non-guests in the fitness community and those needing inspiration and guidance.

Our amazing past guests have included:

- Our first guest was Jenel Stevens, who has now been our personal trainer and has become a good friend.

-JoAnne Romanelli taught us more about Creating Energy and the self help we can use along with natural products to help with our energy levels!

- Christina Vircillo, Fitness Enthusiast and Mom joined us for show, Commit, part of the “FourC Series” shows.  She shared with us how to make time for fitness on top of being a small business owner and busy mom!

Dasha Libin, she presented us with Body Series DVDs, and we had a massive Q&A fill with great tips!

Tea Green of Tea Rex Paleo Cookies came to talk more about Paleo & Crossfit.

Jeannine Andre-Burns, MS, CNS taught us all about Diabetes.

Scott Dean of Custom Fit Meals talked all about how the body works and how Custom Fit Meals can help you attain your goals.

Founders of Qinetic helped us out on our Resolutions episode

Michele Gordon, Miss Motivational provided us with some Quick Fitness tips and of course, tons of motivation!

Founders of Sportsetter introduced their newly launched App that assists in trying new fitness around the city and living a Multi Sport Lifestyle

Founders of OakPoint Health & Vitality came to teach us more about Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.

Rebecca Golian of Vemma introduced us to VEMMA products and how they can aide in your active lifestyle

Julia & Kayte of Average2Athlete discussed their CMC experience and training.

Kenny Pena of Pena’s Fitness Method brought to light the importance of Fitness for Survival

Team MissFits/P.E.P.P.E.R taught us what goes in to Competition Training and how you can become a member of Team MissFits whether it be for personal goals or competing!

Upcoming shows:

Kim Watkins of inSHAPE Fitness
Julia Dalton-Brush from  FitJourney
Alan Courtenay, Personal Trainer and CEO of NYC Boot Camps
Kettlebell Kickboxing introducing the 7 Day Lean program
Linda, Breast Cancer Survivor and Fitness Enthusiast

Upcoming events:

Video Vignettes
Civilian Military Combine Race
City Challenge Race
Quest/Fitness Transformations
Networking and taking up invites to try new workouts around the city!

Exercise Excitement with Team MissFits & PEPPER

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We have continued our sessions with Jenel of Prowess PT and Kettlebell Kickboxing classes! We continue to lose inches all around but most importantly we are gaining strength! We are looking to make a shift now that July is here and our fitness schedule has opened up a bit, will be adding in sessions with Kenny of Pena’s Fitness Method!


Our guest, Alex, gave us this great article 10 Weird Gym Tools, Explained by PEPPER Trainer Bryan Jackson.  This is awesome because how many times have you gone to the gym and said, “What do I do with this item anyway?” “How do I use that to work out?” Well this article explains them all!

Alex’s workout of choice is the Jumping Knee Tuck Bulgarian Split Squat. Say that five times fast and its a workout for your mouth.  But seriously, Alex showed us how to do these on the show AND we even tried them afterwards! Pretty intense!

Kenny’s Exercise Excitement

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This week, we continue to attend our training sessions with Jenel where we did some measurements and received our body fat percentage results! So far we’ve lost 2% body fat AND lost inches all around!!

Kenny’s workout of choice is pullups.  We are not quite there on the pullups but we know working out with Kenny that we’ll be there sooner than later!


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