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Info/links about our favorite cheats discussed on our weekly shows!

A Giant Slice of Hoboken

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Now everyone knows at this point that if your favorite cheat is pizza, you are instantly Lisa’s best friend.

Nicole’s cheat this week is pizza from Benny Tudino’s in Hoboken – named “Home of the Largest Slice” these pizza slices are like the size of your head.

The photo below does the size of the slice absolutely no justice.  Guess you’ll just have to go to Hoboken and see for yourself!

Benny Tudinos

Alan’s Cheat is the Way to Our Hearts!

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Alan’s favorite cheat is a gluten free brownie! Who doesn’t love a gluten free brownie!? Specifically, Alan told us that a member of the boot camp makes her own gluten free brownies and will bring them down to the workouts! Talk about motivation!

Below are some links to Gluten Free Brownie recipes!

Parade’s Fudgy Gluten Free Brownies (pictured above)

The Best Gluten Free Brownies Ever from All Recipes


How Kenny Does Pizza in The Rockaways

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Last Dragon Pizza

Kenny referred us to his awesome cheat which comes straight from his town, Last Dragon Pizza in The Rockaways! Named for the 1985 Film “The Last Dragon” and the pizzas are named after the characters and quotes, such as the Laura Charles, Sho’nuff, Daddy Green & Ninza Puleez!

The coolest part of Last Dragon Pizza is just like in the movie, you have to go hunt down your pizza.  They serve on Wednesday & Fridays!

Check out their website to learn more and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get updates!


City Challenge Cheat

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Elvi Guzman, found of City Challenge Race, gave us his view on cheats!

“I believe that you should be able to eat anything you want! If you are in shape and taking care of your body. If you are not then you are not working out hard enough!  

FAVORITE FOODS: Grimaldis Pizza Hoboken, Five Guys – I am a huge foodie! I love to eat and therefore loving to train and keeping my body in shape go well together! Just Sunday I had two burgers for breakfast!

What I do not consume is alcohol. I find my life and social interactions to be much more enjoyable without it in my diet. I also find that it helps rebound if at any point I am out of the gym for a week or two.”

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