It Takes Two!

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This blog post has been brewing in my mind since we started our second round of Insanity last week… it’s hard to put into words, without sounding overly preachy or corny, but it amazes me how the human body can be pushed to change.  But even more importantly, how the human mind has to be along for the ride.

We began our first round of Insanity 30–35lbs heavier than we are today, it was less than a year ago.  I don’t even remember how I heard about it, but of course I convinced Lisa we were going to try something new and to just trust me.  We definitely didn’t love it, but we did our best to stick with it.  Being heavier than we are now it was harder on our knees, we often felt like we were going to take the house down with each plyometric jump and our kitten Amber found the workout to be her most favorite part of the day and always seemed to make it out from under one of just as were about to land from a sub par “power jump” or other such attempt, avoiding her tail being crushed by mere inches.  We kept trying though and we certainly saw results.  I can’t say we gave it 110%, but we gave it a good shot.

I think the best thing I can say from our first round of Insanity is that it prepared us for other tough workouts, like Kettlebell Kickboxing, and it proved that we were capable of one of the “hardest” workouts around.

After Insanity we dabbled in and out of a few different workouts, but since our hardcore bout with Spinning and then Insanity, nothing quite took hold of us until we began training for our first 5K.  With hectic schedules the only thing we found time to do was run, but to be honest, simply running is not enough.  Over time I found my body began to decondition from the strength it had found through the tough Insanity workouts that we had become accustomed to and this frustrated me to no end.  The occasional Kettlebell workout would prove that we still had a bit of our “stuff”, but I knew it was going to be hard to work back up to the level we had gotten to with Spinning religiously and then conquering Insanity.  I mean, I could now do a legit push up, not a girly knees push up!  I obviously had made progress and I wanted to continue to grow stronger.

Running day after day proved hard on the knees for both of us, but we pushed through and finished our first 5K on December 1.  It was quite an accomplishment, but I basically couldn’t walk for a few days after.  At that point I knew I needed to get back into serious shape, which seemed weird since I had just run my first race.  Throughout my experience I have become a firm believer in the importance of cross training, strength training and keeping your workouts exciting, challenging & changing them up.

I found a good doctor and got the knee checked over the holidays and found out what I already assumed.  I was suffering from IT Band Syndrome and Runners Knee and needed to change up my daily workouts and strength train more.  I didn’t need a doctor, an MRI and a hundred bucks worth of co-pays to tell me that, but better safe than sorry.  It was important to make sure that I didn’t injure myself when I was much heavier and began working out.  Though, I was even smart then and stuck to low impact workouts like biking and the elliptical, I guess I have always had a knack for fitness and doing what’s smart and right for your body.  Not sure what took me so long to come around, but I guess we all find our calling at different times in life.

Now that I was cleared from the doctor I decided it was time to jump back into something like Insanity.  We already owned it, so why not get it going again.  We have a “Cross Fit” Groupon that we need to try as well and I am interested in trying some other fun BeachBody workouts like “Turbo Fire”, but it was time to stop waiting and start doing!

Last week, we started off strong.  The fit test was hard, but fun.  We did even better than last time, but it was still a challenge.  By Day 2 I was not feeling it.  With all the preaching I do you’d think I was Little Miss Pep during each and every workout, but full disclosure, I am sickeningly human and I was NOT a happy camper during my first day back to “Plyometric Cardio Circuit”.  I was hating every minute and I was mad!  Lisa wasn’t feeling great that day, so I was solo, she decided to cook a tomato soup while I worked out and I decided I hated everything about that tomato soup!  It was the most torturous workout I think I ever put myself through and it so did not have to be that way, but it happens!  At that point the idea for this blog started to form.  I wanted to share my experience and my feelings overcoming the challenge of that first tough workout.  I was being so hard on myself, I had to keep trying to remind myself that it was still week 1, day 2, but no matter what I was just mad that it was so hard.  It really clicked for me, all of the times I have read, heard, and even said, “it’s all mental”!  That’s not a joke, that’s not just something that people say, it’s truth!  If you can overcome your own voice in your head you can seriously overcome anything.

After that angry experience we took a day off, we had dentist appointments, Lisa still wasn’t feeling great and I think I needed a break after my unsuccessful experience the night before.  One of the hardest things about Insanity is that it is 6 days per week, I believe we shouldn’t over train, but there are opportunities to stretch and recover and if you follow the eating plan and keep yourself fueled it shouldn’t be a problem, but it can be a challenge.

We returned the next night to “Cardio Power & Resistance” and I swear I felt like a different girl.  I think one of the biggest things I realized is how much more fun a hard workout is with a partner.  If you have a close friend, family member, spouse, partner, roommate, whoever it is, I seriously recommend you try to get them on board with you!  Especially if you are struggling on your own.  There is NO way that I would have been able to lose 150lbs without Lisa by my side.  Even though we joke that she kicked and screamed through *some* (read, all) of it, even though I may have dragged her from the gym, to random class, to the track, to health food store and showed her umpteen health & fitness links during her work day, there is absolutely no way I could have done a second of it without her support and her pushing me.  Some nights it would be a healthy competition at the gym, other nights we would annoy each other, push each other, no matter what… and some nights I was happy to have my peace when she decided to take a break and I continued to be a crazy person, but at the end of the day I need that push from someone who is going through it with me!  I think a little bit of my enthusiasm finally rubbed off on her and there were nights I needed her energy to push me harder and we were lucky to have each other through those challenges!

I think about one of our favorite classes, Kettlebell Kickboxing, that class is so hard, half the time I think I’m going to throw up, but it’s the best experience ever.  Why?  Because you are in a room full of women (and in some cases men too) who are of varying levels of fitness, but who are all going through it with you!  There is an instructor rooting you on and you’re not the only one who looks & feels like you want to die.  There is something to be said for that comradery, I think it’s really important and that’s something I want to play upon when it comes to my business as a trainer. 

We hit “Cardio Power & Resistance” hard together that next night and it felt so amazing to conquer our workout as a team.  We pushed each other, we grunted, we cheered, we panted, but we finished and we finished strong.  Never had we EVER done such an amazing round of power jumps, our moving push ups were pretty impressive and we counted down our floor sprints “Kettlebell” warm up style.  It was fun, it was invigorating, it was challenging and it was a success.  It made me feel so good to know that I still had it in me and I could push myself even further than ever before.

Saturday we began the Insanity “Elite Nutrition” Plan to go along with our workouts and I feel even more of a difference.  Eating every 3 hours seriously pumps up the energy and I felt less drained throughout the workout.  I know for a fact that we were not eating enough calories during our last round of Insanity and I am excited to see the difference that it will make for this round.

The point is, it doesn’t matter what type of person you are.  We can all do it.  We all have hard days, good days, easy days, bad days, it’s never going to be perfect.  But we can’t beat ourselves up and give up.  As long as you try to shake it off and pick back up where you left off, you can count it as a lesson learned.  It may even be a lesson you have to learn again and again, but it’s one that is worth learning.  We have found that our brains have taken quite a bit of time catching up to our bodies.  It sounds terrible, but in my mind I still feel 300lbs sometimes, I have to remind myself that I am “average” sized now and sometimes I still don’t believe it.  If we practice some positive mental work and we train our minds as hard as we would like to train our bodies, I think we will all find anything that we attempt to be just a little bit easier.  You don’t have to be a pro, you just have to try to give it your best, at the end of the day that’s all that matters!

I hope that sharing our experiences, our challenges, our successes & our story can only help those who need it.  Whether you want to lose 5lbs or 50lbs, whether you want to feel better, or get more toned… we are here to help!  We will continue to share what has worked for us and we look forward to being able to take on clients once we complete our certifications.  For now, stay tuned for upcoming “Fit Clubs” and feel free to message us if you have any questions about any of the tools that have aided in our success!

If at first you don’t succeed…

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Hi Readers!

I’m in our kitchen.  Its where I do the majority of my thinking while doing the dishes and making our meals for the day so I thought it was appropriate to blog from in here.

I was thinking the other day how long of a journey this has been for me.  I don’t know about you but one of my biggest dreams was to be thin like everyone around me.

I was overweight as a child/teenager/young adult (WORST).  I remember our elementary school nurse telling me when I weighed in at 100lbs in 5th grade that I “could stand to lose a little” (HATED HER) and I would wake up in the morning and tell my mom that I was always skinny in my dreams and because of that I knew one day I would be.

My battle with weight loss has been long and hard.  There were plenty of times where I would try a diet and fall off the wagon, gain the weight back and I thought that I had failed.

Recently I have really started to look back at those times and now I see it differently.

Today I am at the point where I have reached a personal goal and actually surpassed it. Today I look at all those “failures” and think of them as “tries” and why? Because I continued to fight.

Maybe I took a break after each time I fell off the dieting wagon but I continued to get back on.  Had I not tried and tried again I would never have gotten to where I am today.

When I look in the mirror I see the girl I used to see in my dreams.  It still continues to surprise me since my brain hasn’t quite caught up with the reflection in the mirror yet.

I want anyone out there who has struggled with losing weight to know that if you’re here reading this blog, you’re following FourC Fitness and you’re continuing to look for what works for you, you haven’t failed, you’re just still trying and we support you, invite you to share your thoughts and feelings about your struggle with us and want you to succeed. We.Have.Been.There. (we should make our website and we also continue to fight to our goals. All joking aside, you will look in the mirror one day and be surprised every time.

We posted a quote on our page today that I truly believe in:

“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath, and try again.”
- kt witten

Support for all!

Shakeology – We love you!

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The other night we tried our first round of Shakeology.

I guess if I am a professional, I should tell you what Shakeology is first.

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a BeachBody product that is “an ultra-premium nutritional health shake that provides the widest array of nutrients from around the world in a nutrient-dense but low-calorie formula.” -BeachBody.  It can replace a meal or a snack.

Our very own BeachBody coach, Michelle Cast, suggests “if you are going to use it as a meal I suggest beefing it up with some additional ingredients. For example, we tried ours with milk and natural peanut butter rather than just water as the packet suggests. The milk and peanut butter added calories and protein to the shake. There are actually recipe suggestions on the site.”

Onto the review!!

We made one regular chocolate peanut butter shake and one vegan chocolate peanut butter shake.

NOTE : The shake comes in 24 single serve packets or a 30 day supply bag.  We had sample packets of regular chocolate and vegan chocolate from Michelle’s Upline coach, Marie Newton (Thanks, Marie!), and we added a tablespoon of natural peanut butter (this is suggested by BeachBody).

Out came the blender and voila! Both shakes were FANTASTIC! I’m actually craving one right now. And I’m honestly not just saying that.

The regular chocolate peanut butter shake was smooth, really yummy and I completely suggest this.  It DIDN’T taste like a chalky, icky, protein shake. It really tasted like it was a dessert.  Dessert for a meal? Where do I sign up?

The vegan chocolate peanut butter shake was AWESOME!  It tasted very all natural, even more all natural than the regular, was smooth and delicious.

I know some people who are not vegan are very hesitant to try vegan products/foods- nothing to be scared of here.  If I was out of regular chocolate and could only have the vegan, I would be equally as satisfied.

If I did have to choose one, I would probably choose the vegan for taste.  But personally for our weight loss goals, the regular chocolate had less calories and was lower on the glycemic index, less sugar, less carbs and more dietary fiber but the difference is very, very small!

If you have one or all of these symptoms:

1. Busy person
2. Not a busy person
3. Parent with kids running all over
4. Hate to cook
5. Love to cook
6. Want to eat healthy
7. Need help with weight loss
8. Want dessert, when its not dessert time
9. Want more energy
10. Want to control your appetite

Then Shakeology is certainly for you!!!!

Best way to order your Shakeology is by contacting Michelle at: or check out Michelle’s BeachBody page:

Our 30 day supply bag is in the mail and we will keep you posted on our results once we begin!!

What’s in a Name?

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Welcome to FourC Fitness!  You may be asking yourself where the name FourC comes from… when Michelle was younger, she spent every weekend with her cousins, they were known as the “Cast Girls” and there were four of them.  In their teen years they dreamt of opening a company together and they came up with the clever name “Foresee” to represent the four of them and to symbolize a dream.

Life takes everyone in different directions in terms of their passions, but one thing remains true, the closeness of the Cast Girls.  When Lisa (now a Cast girl as well) & Michelle began their journey to good health the Cast girls were some of their biggest supporters.  They actually crossed the finish line of their first 5K with two of the three Cast girl sisters by their sides and couldn’t have done it without them!

The idea had been brewing for Lisa & Michelle to begin a fitness venture of sorts.  Michelle is studying to be a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and is now a BeachBody Coach.  Lisa plans to pursue a NASM certification as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  Both have a passion to help others to achieve the same success they have achieved on their journey to good health.  They both feel as though with the many tools they have learned along the way to help them stick to their goals, even while living a hectic lifestyle, they can show others that anything is possible.  Neither of them imagined they would come as far as they have come and they know they couldn’t have done it without hard work, dedication & support.  They would like to share that passion with others who have a desire to get healthy and feel great!

The time came to name the new venture and of course Michelle thought of that day her and her cousins came up with the awesome name “Foresee”… with the Cast girls blessing, Lisa & Michelle forged forward with the pursuit of their new venture, yet with a slight twist.  The youngest Cast girl had an awesome idea to switch up the name a bit, after all, a fitness focused endeavor needed a strong name.  The name “FourC” was coined to represent the original dream of the girls but to signify the “force” that is put into a good workout.  The idea was brilliant  of course, and therefore “FourC Fitness” was born out of a lot of love and a lot of perseverance…

We thank you all for embarking on this journey with us and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for “FourC Fitness”!

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